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Thiikraa haath me.n aur is me.n sattar chhed

Thiikraa haath me.n hogaa aur bhiik maa.ngtaa phiregaa

haath me.n Thiikraa denaa

reduce someone to beggary

haath me.n Thiikraa lenaa

haath me.n Thiikraa honaa

haath me.n sumarnii aur baGal me.n katarnii

is darmiyaan me.n

in the meantime, in the interim

is tanaazur me.n

from or against this perspective, against or in this scenario

is zamaane me.n

at the present times, these days

tiisraa aa.nkho.n me.n Thiikraa

miTTii haath me.n lenaa aur sonaa kar dikhaanaa

aa.nkh me.n mail hai aur us me.n mail nahii.n

is siyaaq-o-sabaaq me.n

in this context

is baat me.n

in this matter

is baab me.n

with regard to this, in this matter

duniyaa me.n das aaKHir kuu.n sattar

chhaatii me.n chhed pa.Dnaa

jigar me.n chhed pa.Dnaa

is me.n

a.nt.Dii me.n ruup aur buqchii me.n chhab

food gives you beauty and dress gives you decoration

do se tiisraa aa.nkh me.n Thiikraa

badrii me.n chhed karnaa

haath me.n de roTii aur sar par maare juutii

(of someone very mean) gives alms and curses simultaneously

kaleje me.n chhed Daalnaa

aasmaan me.n chhed honaa

rain cats and dogs

is me.n kyaa shak hai

undoubtedly, surely

jigar me.n chhed Daalnaa

to hurt by sarcasm

TaTTii me.n chhed karnaa

aasmaan me.n chhed karnaa

be very clever, act cunningly

haath me.n cha.Dhnaa

haath me.n paka.Dnaa

haath me.n cha.Dhaanaa

zaat pa.Dii khoh me.n aur roTii pa.Dii mu.nh me.n

laakh pardo.n me.n chhed karnaa

be characterless, become a vagrant

kaleje me.n chhed honaa

jigar me.n chhed honaa

to inflict pain (on), to incommode

hathelii me.n chhed honaa

be spendthrift or extravagant

haath haath me.n denaa

haath me.n haath pak.Daa denaa

chuut.Do.n me.n haath denaa

bujhnaa me.n aur lagaanaa

lagii me.n aur lagaana

jis haa.nDii me.n khaa.e.n usii me.n chhed kare.n

to bite the hand that feeds one, an ungrateful person harms his benefactor

KHudii aur KHudaa.ii me.n biir hai

God does not like self-conceit

Tho.Dii me.n haath honaa

do haath me.n

jis pattal me.n khaa.e.n usii me.n chhed kare.n

girebaa.n me.n haath pa.Dnaa

huqqe aur baato.n me.n bair hai


give away a woman in marriage

haatho.n me.n haath denaa

jis bartan me.n khaa.e usii me.n chhed kare

forgive someone's favor or goodwill, to harm someone who was the beneficial earlier

gardan me.n haath pa.Dnaa

zaahir aur baatin me.n farq honaa

gale me.n haath pa.Dnaa

jis haa.nDii me.n khaanaa usii me.n chhed karnaa


baGlo.n me.n haath denaa

haath me.n pa.Daa rahnaa

haath me.n pa.Daa honaa

dexterity, perfection

Meaning of Thiikraa haath me.n aur is me.n sattar chhed in English, Hindi & Urdu

Thiikraa haath me.n aur is me.n sattar chhed

ठीकरा हाथ में और इस में सत्तर छेदٹِھیکْرا ہاتھ میں اَور اِس میں سَتَّر چھید

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ठीकरा हाथ में और इस में सत्तर छेद के हिंदी अर्थ


  • भीक मांगता फिरे और वो भी छेदों में से गिर कर ज़ाए हो

ٹِھیکْرا ہاتھ میں اَور اِس میں سَتَّر چھید کے اردو معانی


  • بھیک مان٘گتا پھرے اور وہ بھی چھیدوں میں سے گر کر ضائع ہو

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