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of or belonging to Kabul


love, fondness, affection, desire


a merchant or trader of small capital or stock-in-trade, a petty merchant, bankrupt, broke


shine, glitter, brightness

suup to suup chhalnii bhii bolii jis me.n bahattar chhed

the kettle calling the pot black, the defective person should look at its own defects before opening the tongue, the one who have a clean image, then it is brag


hen-pecked (husband), subservient husband, uxorious


the celebration of of an engagement, betrothal, engagement

duudh-shariik bahan

foster sister


rebel, traitor, insurgent, mutineer, rebellious, disloyal


custody (plural & singular)


charity, alms

kal aanaa

to obtain relief, to be at ease.


one who draws, printer, the one who sketches, engraver, the writer


a hired labourer, worker


arrangement of nature, system of nature


body, body of animate being


an election that happens at a different time from a main election, to choose a Member of Parliament to replace one who has died or left his or her job, by-election


custom, usage, manner, mode, fashion


a mule


pinching or unpleasant remark

About Rekhta Dictionary

Rekhta Dictionary is a new initiative of Rekhta Foundation for the promotion and preservation of Urdu language and literature. Since 2011, the Foundation has been running multiple websites including Rekhta, Sufinama, Hindwi, and Aamozish.

The Rekhta Dictionary is a comprehensive collection of Urdu words with their meanings in Urdu, Hindi and English. The words can easily be accessed in three scripts through a high-functioning search engine. Along with detailed meanings, it gives the list of synonyms, antonyms, proverbs, idioms and much more.

This trilingual Urdu dictionary is designed as a resourceful tool for the researchers, poetry-lovers, and general readers irrespective of their familiarity with Urdu script.

About The Founder

Sanjiv Saraf, the founder of Rekhta Foundation, is an entrepreneur and a literary visionary. His passion for Urdu poetry inspired him to create the biggest platform of the cultural heritage of Urdu. He pioneered the idea of Rekhta Dictionary to make Urdu words easily accessible to one and all through a comprehensive and user-friendly trilingual Urdu dictionary. Sanjiv Saraf learnt the Urdu script and published two books namely Navā-e-sarosh and Love Longing Loss; two collections featuring transcreations of selected Urdu poems.


Convenience and Accuracy being the primary objectives, Rekhta Dictionary has been designed to include all features that make finding meanings easy and speedy. Rekhta Dictionary is the result of high-tech interventions combined with the hard work of a competent editorial team. Some of the noteworthy features are listed below;

01 Easy Search in Three Languages

Simply type your word or phrase in Urdu, Hindi or English script to search meaning

02 Reverse Dictionary

Type English word to find its multiple meanings and usages in Urdu language

03 Word Origins and Other Details

Trace the root of a particular word and find other details like pronunciations, synonyms, antonyms, proverbs.

04Examples from Urdu Poetry

Find word practically demonstrated in Urdu poetry making it easier to understand layers of meanings

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