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aa.e aam jaa.e labedaa

the mango down, the stick is gone, to gain your end you needs must spend


a stick, club, cudgel, cane

aa.ndhii aa.e baiTh jaa.e, me.nh aa.e bhaag jaa.e

aa.e to jaa.e kahaa.n

muTThii baa.ndhe aa.e , haath pasaare jaa.e

haldii zardii na taje kha.Das taje na aam, jo haldii zardii taje to augun taje Gulaam

laaD me.n aa.e kak.Dii bal bal jaa.e kavvaa

sar jaa.e baat me.n farq na aa.e

jo apne kaam na aa.e vo chuulhe me.n jaa.e

baa.Dii me.n baarah aam saTTii aThaarah aam


common, public, universal, general, usual

aam ke aam guThliyo.n ke daam

double advantage, a deal without a loss, killing two birds with one stone

kutte ko maut aa.e to masjid me.n muut jaa.e

destiny drives one to death

aam ke aam guThlii ke daam

eaten the mangoes, sold the seed

aa.ndhii ke aam

something transitory, temporary object

saa.njh jaa.e aur bhor aa.e , vo kaise na chhinaal kahlaa.e

pe.D gin.naa yaa aam khaanaa


the mango, the fruit of the Mangifera indica

ghar aa.e naag na puuje baanii puujan jaa.e


aam khaa.o pe.D mat gino

Don't question your good fortune

aam bo.o aam khaa.o, imlii bo.o imlii khaa.o

as you sow so shall you reap ke paade kaa aam

aam khaane se Garaz yaa pe.D se

aam khaane se Garaz rakho pe.D se nahii.n

enjoy the opportunity without being curious about details

gir ga.e daa.nt aam khaane se

pe.D bo.e babuul ke to aam kahaa.n se khaa.e

as you sow, so shall you reap, sow the wind and reap the whirlwind

kisii kii aa.ii mujh ko aa jaa.e

kisii kii aa.ii mujh ko aa jaa.e

pe.D se matlab hai yaa aam khaane se

eat the fruit, don't count the trees

daraKHt bo.e the aam ke , ho ga.e babuul

aam me.n baur aanaa

mango trees to blossom

aam Tapaknaa

tuKHmii aam

ungrafted mango

me.nh jaa.e aa.ndhii jaa.e

aa.ndhii jaa.e me.nh jaa.e

paa.nche aam pachaasii imlii


cham.Dii jaa.e dam.Dii na jaa.e


(Christianity) common prayer

'illat jaa.e 'aadat na jaa.e

khoj.Daa.n jaa.e

aam khaa.e paal kaa , KHarbuuzh khaa.e daal , kaa paanii piye taal kaa

dam.Dii na jaa.e chaahe cham.Dii jaa.e

said of a miser who bears physical pain to save a very small amount of money

cham.Dii jaa.e magar dam.Dii na jaa.e

remark on miserliness, flay me but do not take my money

dam.Dii na jaa.e par cham.Dii jaa.e

Tapke ka aam

ripe mango that falls from the branch

paal kaa aam

straw ripened mango

aam yaa imlii

pakkaa aam Tapakne kaa Dar

a very old person can die any moment

aam khaa.e Tapkaa , paanii piye Dabkaa

dharaa jaa.e na uThaayaa jaa.e

u.D jaa.e

khoj.Daa jaa.e

aam kii havas imblii uupar

aam machhalii kii bhe.nT ho hii jaatii hai

KHarbuuz chaahe dhuup ko aur aam chaahe me.nh, naarii chaahe zor ko, aaur baalak chaahe neh

KHarbuuza chaahe dhuup ko aur aam chaahe me.nh, naarii chaahe zor ko, aur baalak chaahe neh

sar jaa.e baat rah jaa.e

yaa jaa.e hazaarii yaa jaa.e bazaarii

Meaning ofSee meaning aa.e aam jaa.e labedaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

aa.e aam jaa.e labedaa

आए आम जाए लबेदाآئے آم جائے لَبیدا


English meaning of aa.e aam jaa.e labedaa

  • the mango down, the stick is gone, to gain your end you needs must spend
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आए आम जाए लबेदा के हिंदी अर्थ

  • किसी न किसी तरह मतलब प्रप्त होना चाहिए कुछ ही क्यों न ख़र्च हो जाए

آئے آم جائے لَبیدا کے اردو معانی

  • کسی نہ کسی طرح مطلب حاصل ہو، چاہے کچھ ہی کیوں نہ صرف ہو جائے

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aa.e aam jaa.e labedaa

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