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aa.nkh chaar na honaa

to shy away

aa.nkh do-chaar honaa

aa.nkh chaar honaa

to ogle at

chaar aa.nkh honaa

aa.nkh na naak banno chaa.nd sii

aa.nkh uu.nchii na honaa

be abashed or ashamed

aa.nkh me.n siil na honaa

be cold and indifferent, be shameless

aa.nkh me.n Dar na honaa

aa.nkh saamne na honaa

aa.nkh par mail na honaa

aa.nkh do-chaar karnaa

aa.nkh na diida kaa.Dhe kashiida

said when someone of no ability makes tall claims

aa.nkh chaar karnaa

chaar aa.nkh karnaa

naa-chaar honaa

aa.nkh huu.ii chaar dil me.n aayaa pyaar , aa.nkh huu.ii oT dil me.n aa.ii khoT

diivaane se aa.nkh na milaa.iye

do me.n na chaar me.n

aa.nkh Te.Dhii honaa

mii.nh kii aa.nkh na lagnaa

mii.nh kaa aa.nkh na kholnaa

aa.nkh me.n na aanaa

aa.nkh me.n na Thaharnaa

aa.nkh se na dekhnaa

aa.nkh na Thaharnaa

be unable to fix the gaze, be dazzled by

aa.nkh na rakhnaa

be unseeing or undiscerning, lack discernment, have no desire or hope

aa.nkh ba.nd honaa


aa.nkh dho.ii-dhulaa.ii honaa

be shameless, be ungracious, not realize one's mistake

ek aa.nkh na maan.naa

chaar-chaar chashm honaa

aa.nkh na milnaa

aa.nkh na kholnaa

aa.nkh na milaanaa

aa.nkh na uThnaa

aa.nkh na uThaanaa

aa.nkh na jhapaknaa

aa.nkh na lagnaa

aa.nkh na milaa

aa.nkh me.n muravvat honaa

have regard or respect for others

nazre.n chaar honaa

ek aa.nkh na dekh saknaa

mai.n ne chaar barsaate.n zyaada dekhii hai.n

nazaraa.n chaar honaa

meet the gaze, see each other, come face to face (with)

aa.nkh bedaar honaa

waking up

ek aa.nkh na bhaanaa

disdain, abhor

ek aa.nkh saavan aur ek aa.nkh bhaado.n honaa

aa.nkh me.n lihaaz honaa

have regard or respect for others

phuuTii aa.nkh na bhaanaa

phuuTii aa.nkh na bhaanaa

to dislike, detest

aa.nkh uThaa kar naa dekhnaa

not to raise the eyes and look

aa.nkh se kuchh na suujhnaa

aa.nkh duu-baduu honaa

aa.nkh se aa.nsuu na niklaa

do chaar kau.Diyo.n kaa rozgaar honaa

din do-chaar gha.Dii honaa

do-chaar honaa

come across (someone), meet, face (difficulty)

nazar do chaar honaa

aa.nkh siidhii honaa

aap se chaar barsaate.n mai.n ne zyaada dekhii hai.n

kisii ko aa.nkh uThaa kar na dekhnaa

Meaning ofSee meaning aa.nkh chaar na honaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

aa.nkh chaar na honaa

आँख चार न होनाآن٘کھ چار نَہ ہونا


See meaning: aa.nkh chaar na karnaa

English meaning of aa.nkh chaar na honaa


  • to shy away
  • to refrain from meeting one's glance
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आँख चार न होना के हिंदी अर्थ


  • आंख चार ना करना (रुक) का लाज़िम
  • तौर जमा

آن٘کھ چار نَہ ہونا کے اردو معانی


  • آن٘کھ چار نہ کرنا (رک) کا لازم .
  • طور جمع :

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aa.nkh chaar na honaa

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