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aa.nkh do-chaar karnaa

aa.nkh do-chaar honaa

do chaar kau.Diyo.n kaa rozgaar karnaa

do chaar karnaa

aa.nkh chaar karnaa

chaar aa.nkh karnaa

aa.nkhe.n do-chaar karnaa

do aur do chaar

two and two make four, allusion to something logical, true and straight

aa.nkh ek nahii.n kajlauTe do do

aa.nkh duu-baduu karnaa

KHatraat se do-chaar karnaa

do chaar kar denaa

do chaar kau.Diyo.n kaa rozgaar honaa

do suu.n chaar kar denaa

nazar do chaar honaa

do aa.nkho.n se chaar aa.nkhe.n dii.n

do me.n na chaar me.n

do chaar din kaa mehmaan

about to die, not durable

do me.n tiisraa aa.nkh me.n Thiikraa

do ke chaar kar denaa

chaar zaanuu se do zaanuu biThaanaa

aa.nkh chaar honaa

to ogle at

do chaar haath rah jaanaa

do me.n tiisraa aa.nkh me.n kankraa

chaar aa.nkh honaa

aa.nkhe.n do se chaar honaa

do se chaar aa.nkhe.n honaa

do aa.nkho.n kii chaar aa.nkhe.n honaa

aa.nkh huu.ii chaar dil me.n aayaa pyaar , aa.nkh huu.ii oT dil me.n aa.ii khoT

do se tiisraa aa.nkh me.n Thiikraa

bhuuka se kahaa do aur do kyaa , kahaa chaar roTiyaa.n

do aa.nkho.n kii chaar banaanaa

do-chaar karaanaa

do chaar haath lagnaa

do chaar haath rahnaa

do chaar haath maarnaa

aa.nkh ka.Dvii karnaa

aa.nkh Te.Dhii karnaa

aa.nkh chaar na honaa

to shy away

aa.nkh bhau.n Te.Dhii karnaa


aa.nkh qad.h karnaa

do Tuk.De karnaa

do do haath karnaa



two or four, a few

chaar paa.nv kaa gho.Daa chau.nktaa hai, do paa.nv kaa aadmii kyaa balaa hai

do qaash karnaa

nazre.n chaar karnaa

chaar maGz karnaa


susraar sukh kii saar , jo rahe dinaa do chaar

do ko.Dii kaa karnaa

aa.nkh raushan karnaa

delight the eyes

do paise Dolii se chaar paise Dolii hai

it's not too far, it's very near

aa.nkh me.n jagah karnaa

to place in the eye, (literary), to place in the heart, to take up (one's, or its) abode in the heart (of), to win the heart or affections (of), to contract intimate friendship (with) to cherish, love

aa.nkh band karnaa

aa.nkh paidaa karnaa

cultivate insight, etc.

do-do cho.nche.n karnaa

do-chaar jo.De banaanaa

do karnaa

cut into two, bisect

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aa.nkh do-chaar karnaa

आँख दो-चार करनाآن٘کھ دو چار کَرنا

آن٘کھ دو چار کَرنا کے اردو معانی


  • رک : آن٘کھیں دو چار کرنا / ہونا جو کثیر الاستعمال ہے .

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aa.nkh do-chaar karnaa

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