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aa.nkh me.n aa.nsuu bhar laanaa

aa.nkh me.n aa.nsuu bhar aanaa

aa.nsuu bhar laanaa

aa.nkh bhar laanaa

become tearful

aa.nkh me.n aa.nsuu nahii.n

aa.nkh me.n aa.nsuu bharnaa

aa.nkh me.n aa.nsuu aanaa

mu.nh me.n kaf bhar laanaa

aa.nkh me.n mail laanaa

aa.nsuu bhar-bhar ke ronaa

aa.nsuu bhar aanaa

become tearful, tears to well up, weep

aa.nkh me.n aa.nsuu nahii.n aur kaleja Tuuk Tuuk

aa.nkh bhar dekhnaa

to ogle at someone

aa.nsuu DabDabaa laanaa

kaf bhar laanaa

aa.nkh bhar ke dekhnaa

cast angry look (at)

aa.nkh bhar kar dekhnaa

paanii bhar laanaa

gha.Dii bhar me.n

in a moment, in a trice, in a jiffy, in a while

aa.nkh bhar aanaa

to come to tears

dam bhar me.n kuchh dam bhar me.n kuchh

dam bhar me.n taula dam bhar me.n maasha

aa.nkh me.n aa.nkh Daal.naa

to look one boldly in the face

ek aa.nkh me.n lahr-bahr ek aa.nkh me.n KHudaa kaa qahr

chhin bhar me.n

in a moment

chuTkii bhar me.n

very quickly, in a jiffy

aa.nkh me.n

aavaaz kaano.n me.n bhar jaanaa

nii.nd aa.nkho.n me.n bhar aanaa

daav me.n laanaa

ku.Dakii me.n laanaa

'aqd me.n laanaa

vuquu' me.n laanaa

aa.nkh me.n aa.nkh milaanaa

dimaaG me.n havaa bhar jaanaa

have an intense desire (of)

chulluu bhar paanii me.n gaz bhar uchhalnaa

zad me.n laanaa

to mark, bring under the radar

vajd me.n laanaa

bring into ecstasy

'aql me.n laanaa

dam bhar me.n

in no time, in an instant

din bhar me.n

pa.nje me.n laanaa

subjugate, overpower, bring into one's clutches

jaisaa kan bhar vaisaa man bhar

mu.nh me.n ghunguniyaa.n bhar jaanaa

mu.nh me.n paanii bhar aanaa

drool, mouth to water

mu.nh me.n paanii bhar aanaa

Gusse me.n laanaa

zaujiyyat me.n laanaa

to get married

josh me.n laanaa

urge, incite

daam me.n laanaa

bring (one) into snare, entrap, ensnare

man me.n laanaa


bring into existence, form, create

jhaa.nse me.n laanaa

nikaah me.n laanaa

to marry a woman, take (a woman) in marriage

ghuse me.n bhar jaanaa

be enraged

shikanje me.n laanaa

bartaav me.n laanaa

shumaar me.n laanaa

qabaale me.n laanaa

aadmiyat me.n laanaa

civilize, polish, teach politeness or good manners

Meaning ofSee meaning aa.nkh me.n aa.nsuu bhar laanaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

aa.nkh me.n aa.nsuu bhar laanaa

आँख में आँसू भर लानाآن٘کھ میں آن٘سُو بَھر لانا


See meaning: aa.nkh me.n aa.nsuu bhar aanaa

आँख में आँसू भर लाना के हिंदी अर्थ


  • आँख का अश्रुपूर्ण होना

آن٘کھ میں آن٘سُو بَھر لانا کے اردو معانی


  • آبدیدہ ہونا

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aa.nkh me.n aa.nsuu bhar laanaa

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