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apnii marzii se

voluntarily, of one's own will or consent

man-marzii se

apnii parchhaa.ii.n se bhaagnaa

be frightened of one's (own) shadow, be very afraid

apnii parchhaa.ii.n se Darnaa

apnii KHushii se

on one's own, voluntarily

marzii se baahar honaa

apnii aulaad se paa.e

apnii javaanii se paa.e

apnii girah se

from one's own pocket

apnii jaan javaanii se paa.e

apnii 'umr se marnaa

chaakar se kuukar bhalaa jo sove apnii nii.nd

paraa.ii jeb se apnii jeb me.n dharnaa mushkil hai

apnii jaan se jaanaa

murghii apnii jaa.n se ga.ii khaane vaale ko suvaad na aayaa

apnii aanii-baanii se na chuuknaa

hayaa vaalaa apnii hayaa se Daraa, be-hayaa ne jaanaa mujh se Daraa

murGii apnii jaan se ga.ii khaane vaalo.n ko svaad na aayaa

apnii apnii sii kahnaa

murGii apnii jaan se ga.ii khaane vaalo.n ko mazaa na aayaa

KHudaa ke haa.n se javaab ho chukaa apnii KHuushii jiite hai.n

machhlii apnii jaan se ga.ii , khaane vaalo.n ko mazaa na aayaa

apnii baanii se baaz na aanaa


will, pleasure, assent, consent, choice

apnii baat apne haath se khonaa

apnii baanii se na chuuknaa

apnii chaal se na chauknaa

persist in own bad habits

marzii ke muvaafiq

according to the will or pleasure, to one's satisfaction, satisfactorily

sunaar apnii maa.n kii nath me.n se bhii churaataa hai

there is a satire on the dishonesty of goldsmiths that they do not spare anyone

apnii sii sab kuchh karnaa

do all in one's power, do as one pleases


apnii sii par aanaa

apnii sii nibaahnaa



sapne kii sii maayaa jis ko apnii batlaave

marzii me.n aanaa

like, wish, desire

chup aadhii marzii

silence is half consent

KHudaa kii marzii

apnii sii suurat le kar rah jaanaa

marzii aanaa

marzii paanaa

marzii milnaa

agreement, consent


involuntary, involuntarily, against wishes, disagreeing with ones nature

apnii apnii gor, apnii apnii manzil

everyone is answerable for his/ her actions


apnii apnii pa.Dnaa

marzii honaa

apnii apnii taqdiir

marzii mile kaa saudaa

aage KHudaa kii marzii

pa.Dii hai apnii apnii

allusion to a situation in which everyone is caring for their own interest

apnii apnii qismat

apnii apnii nigaah

apnii apnii jagah

apnii apnii tabii'at

chaar kii marzii

marzii par chalnaa

apnii apnii haa.nknaa

apnii sii suurat le kar rahnaa

apnii nii.nd sonaa apnii nii.nd jaagnaa

Meaning ofSee meaning apnii marzii se in English, Hindi & Urdu

apnii marzii se

अपनी मर्ज़ी सेاَپنی مَرْضی سے

English meaning of apnii marzii se


  • voluntarily, of one's own will or consent
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apnii marzii se

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