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time, hour, period, respite, term, season, opportunity, hard times, adversity, occasion

vaqt kaa

of or relating to time

vaqt hai


vaqt denaa


vaqt aanaa

the days (of a person), to be numbered

vaqt u.Dnaa

vaqt yaab

finding opportunity

vaqt honaa

vaqt pa.Dnaa

times to be bad, suffer misfortune, be in distress



vaqt jaanaa


vaqt dekhnaa

vaqt lenaa


vaqt vaqt kaa

temporal, of or related to an epoch

vaqt lagnaa

to take time, delay



vaqt pe

in time, seasonably, at the proper time, in the nick of time, in time of need

vaqt milnaa

to find time to do something, to have time on one's hand

vaqt paanaa

to find an opportunity




to pass time, to kill time

vaqt kaTnaa

for time to be passed in some way or the other

vaqt Talnaa

time to pass off


occasionally, without any stated time, at all times

vaqt khonaa

to lose or waste time

vaqt biga.Dnaa

vaqt taaknaa

to seek an opportunity, to seek an opportune time


vaqt par

timely, on time


vaqt guzarnaa


vaqt Daalnaa


time counting, passing time, guess time

vaqt kaaTnaa

to pass away or to beguile the time, pass one's days in trouble


vaqt biitnaa

vaqt Taalnaa

to kill time

vaqt bigaa.Dnaa

vaqt dikhaanaa

vaqt guzaarnaa

to pass time, to kill time

vaqt maa.ngnaa


time for prayer

vaqt ga.nvaanaa

spend time in waste, to wast the time


vaqt gumaan.naa

vaqt lagaanaa

vaqt gumaanaa

vaqt bitaanaa

vaqt paa kar

if or when (you/I) get time, at opportune time, when free, at the proper time

vaqt kii chiiz

something suited to the need of the hour

vaqt kii aavaaz

need of the hour

Meaning ofSee meaning 'asr in English, Hindi & Urdu



Origin: Arabic

Vazn : 21

Word Family: a-s-r

English meaning of 'asr

Noun, Masculine

  • time, age, era, epoch
  • last part of the day before sunset, when Asr prayer is offered, name of the late afternoon prayer

    Example - Asr ka waqt hua aur sair-tamashe ki khatir khema se nikal kar sandaliyon (chaukiyon) par baithe

Sher Examples

'अस्र के हिंदी अर्थ

संज्ञा, पुल्लिंग

  • समय, ज़माना, युग, वक़्त, युग, काल
  • सूर्यास्त से पहले का समय, दिन का अख़ीरि हिस्सा, तीसरा पहर, उसी समय की नमाज़

    उदाहरण - अस्र का वक़्त हुआ सैर-तमाशे की ख़ातिर ख़ेमा से निकल कर संदलियों (चौकियों) पर बैठे

عَصْر کے اردو معانی

اسم، مذکر

  • زمانہ، دور، عہد
  • دن کا اخیر حصّہ، سہ پہر، نمازِ عصر، ظہر اور مغرب کے درمیان کی نماز (نماز عصر اسی وجہ سے نام رکھا گیا)

    مثال - عصر کا وقت ہوا سیر تماشے کی خاطر خیمہ سے نکل کر صندلیوں (چوکیوں) پر بیٹھے

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