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baa.D pahle hii baa.ndhnii chaahiye

pahle hii

pahle hii se

from the very beginning, in advance, before time

pahle apnii hii daa.Dhii kii aag bujhaa.ii jaatii hai

paanii se pahle paa.D baa.ndhnaa


like, must, should, ought, want, wish, choose, requirement, needed

ba.Daa mu.nh chaahiye

remark in response to someone making big claims

jis taraf ho 'azm puuraa chaahiye

a man must act with determination to achieve success

dekhaa chaahiye

is still undecided, may be it gets done or happens, perhaps, maybe

aaj kaa kaam aaj hii karnaa chaahiye

baa.D baa.ndhnaa

fence, enclose, hedge in

mu.nh chaahiye

diyaa chaahiye

dil chaahiye

nazar chaahiye

kuchh 'arsa pahle

maut se pahle chho.Dnaa


for the first time, in the beginning

jo pahle maare vahii miir hai


first, firstly,foremost, prior, previously, formerly, at one time, at first, in the first instance first of all

jo pahle bole vahii baadshaah


first face


before noon, antemeridian

nikaalaa chaahiye

jaisaa chaahiye

as it should be, as desired

kyaa chaahiye

pahle luqme me.n baal aayaa

pahle tum piichhe aur

baa.D hii jab khet khaa.e to rakhvaalii kaun kare

pahle pahal karnaa

pahle se sonaa

pahle se sunaa

pahle aap piichhe baap

self comes first

pahle ghar me.n to piichhe masjid me.n


border, fence, hedge, an outer boundary of an enclosure, verge, edge, rim, margin

pahle se chhaTii ke dhaan kuuTnaa

jab baa.D hii khet ko khaa.e to rakhvaalii kaun kare

halvaa khaane ke liye mu.nh chaahiye

pahle chuume gaal kaaTaa

jitnaa pahle utnaa jhuke

pahle ghar tab baahar

pahle ghar me.n phir masjid me.n

charity begins at home

kyaa na chaahiye

kyaa na chaahiye

zabaan ke aage lagaam zaruur chaahiye

fauran se pahle

'aib karne ko hunar chaahiye

a.nguuThe ke baa'd chha.ngulyaa hii aatii hai

juniors naturally follow seniors

guruu se pahle chelaa maar khaa.e

buDDhe baap aur puraane kap.De se sharmaanaa nahii.n chaahiye

one should not be ashamed of one's family and condition, i.e. one should always be truthful and honest

khaane ko pahle nahaane ko piichhe

jis kii maa.n jalegii uskii jaa.ii pahle jalegii

maut se pahle mar jaanaa

baa.D pa.Dnaa

baa.D jha.Dnaa

baa.D a.Daanaa

baa.D jhaa.Dnaa

baa.D chho.Dnaa

baad ba.ndhnaa

baa.D daaGnaa

Meaning of baa.D pahle hii baa.ndhnii chaahiye in English, Hindi & Urdu

baa.D pahle hii baa.ndhnii chaahiye

बाड़ पहले ही बाँधनी चाहिएباڑ پَہْلے ہی بان٘دھْنی چاہیے

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बाड़ पहले ही बाँधनी चाहिए के हिंदी अर्थ


  • सुरक्षा की व्यवस्था पहले से ही कर लेना चाहिए

باڑ پَہْلے ہی بان٘دھْنی چاہیے کے اردو معانی


  • حفاظت کا انتظام پہلے سے کر لینا چاہیے

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