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ba.Dii baat hu.ii

kaun ba.Dii baat hai

kyaa ba.Dii baat hai

badii hu.ii baat

ba.Dii baat

difficult task, something very significant, shocking or crucial

ba.Dii baat nahii.n

ba.Do.n kii ba.Dii baat

age brings wisdom

chhoTaa mu.nh, ba.Dii baat

boasting by an incapable or weak person

kuchh ba.Dii baat nahii.n

baat ba.Dii karnaa

ba.Dii duur kii baat

baat ba.Dii honaa

baat ba.Dii rahnaa

mu.nh chhoTaa aur baat ba.Dii

ba.Dii ba.Dii baate.n karnaa

ba.Dii KHair hu.ii

dil me.n ba.Dii ba.Dii baate.n bharii hai.n

zaraa saa mu.nh ba.Dii baate.n

parhez ba.Dii davaa hai

ba.Dii vo hai

ba.Dii chiiz hai

ittifaaq ba.Dii chiiz hai

'umr ba.Dii ho

may you have a long life!

'umr ba.Dii hai

life is long enough!

ba.Dii 'umr hai

remark on someone's unexpected showing up

qanaa'at ba.Dii daulat hai

a contented person is always be happy

vasiila ba.Dii chiiz hai

mediation or favor of is a great thing

chhaayaa ba.Dii chiiz hai

aabruu ba.Dii daulat hai

mu.nh pa.Dii aur hu.ii paraa.ii baat

bahut ba.Dii 'umr hai

kyaa ba.Dii 'umr hai

remark on someone's unexpected showing up

baat kahii paraa.ii hu.ii

a word spoken is an arrow let fly, a word and a stone let go cannot be recalled

ba.Dii KHairiyat hai

ruupayaa me.n ba.Dii taaqat hai

ruupaya me.n ba.Dii taaqat hai

chhaayaa ba.Dii maayaa hai

rin ba.Dii hattyaa hai

chaltii hu.ii baat

casual or incidental remark

lagii hu.ii baat

lagtii hu.ii baat

bujhnaa hu.ii baat

maanii hu.ii baat

kalsiraa ba.Dii aafat hai

ye baat hu.ii

baat mu.nh se niklii paraa.ii hu.ii

a secret revealed gains currency

baat kahii aur paraa.ii hu.ii

naukarii ba.Dii kiimiyaa hai

haath aa.ii hu.ii baat

ba.Dii ba.Dii zabaane.n honaa

ba.De ThaaT-baaT se

with great pomp and show, magnificently, splendidly

zabaan par aa.ii hu.ii baat kaaT denaa

ye maanii hu.ii baat hai

udhaar sab se ba.Dii saakh hai

ba.Dii Dev.Dhii

apnii 'aql aur paraa.ii daulat ba.Dii maa'luum hotii hai

an arrogant man always considers himself wiser and other people wealthier out of envy

aa.nkhe.n to ba.Dii ba.Dii hai.n

chor aur kii ba.Dii dhaak hotii hai

lene-dene ke mu.nh me.n KHaak mohabbt ba.Dii chiiz hai

the miser says when someone asks for something from them

bade kii baat

Meaning ofSee meaning ba.Dii baat hu.ii in English, Hindi & Urdu

ba.Dii baat hu.ii

बड़ी बात हुईبَڑی بات ہوئی


बड़ी बात हुई के हिंदी अर्थ

  • बहुत अच्छा हुआ कि ऐसा हुआ

بَڑی بات ہوئی کے اردو معانی

  • بہت اچھا ہوا کہ ایسا ہوا

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ba.Dii baat hu.ii

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