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light, lamp, candle



boys' game in which a stone is kicked to a fixed place, while uttering the word 'bitti'


duo, pair, couple, match

battii denaa

battii u.Daanaa

battii cha.Dhaanaa

cure something

battii jale

at dusk when lights are turned on

battii dikhaanaa

incite trouble

battii jalnaa

battii baTnaa

twist the strands of hemp or wire, etc.

battii bolnaa

battii bulvaa denaa

tire, exhaust, cause trouble, tease

battii bulaa denaa

tire, exhaust, cause trouble, tease


battii banaanaa

roll something

battii lagaanaa

battii jalaanaa

battii banaa kar rakh chho.Do

battii bulaanaa

tire, exhaust, cause trouble, tease

battii uksaanaa


battii bujhaanaa

put out a lamp, switch off lights


candlepower, unit of light measurement

battii le kar Dhuu.nDnaa

battii bol jaanaa

collapse, lose


battii banaa kar rakh lo




a kind of halwa composed of thirty-two ingredients given to women after childbirth, a tonic composed of 32 ingredients given to women after child-birth, 32 ingredients given to women after child birth, and to mares after foaling


collection of thirty-two items, set of thirty-two teeth, denture, set of artificial teeth




mother's milk which is supposed to flow in thirty-two streams


a small bowl used by conjurors to make a ball vanish


mother's milk which is supposed to flow in thirty-two streams


thirty-two traditional pieces of jewellery, the thirty-two jewels worn by women

battiisii jha.Dnaa

teeth to fall due to old age or any accident

battiisii jhaa.Dnaa

break someone's jaw

battiis daa.nto.n me.n ek zabaan

under strict surveillance, weak person surrounded by many enemies

battiis daa.nto.n me.n zubaan

battiis dhaare.n duudh baKHshaa

battiis daa.nto.n me.n zabaan honaa

live carefully and safe among enemies

battiis daa.nt kii bhaakaa KHaalii nahii.n jaatii

battiis mu.nh kii faal KHaalii nahii.n jaatii

battiisii dikhaanaa

show teeth in laughing, mock

battiis dhaar duudh pilaanaa

battiis zabaan kii bhaakaa KHaalii nahii.n jaatii


cunning, crafty woman

battiisii band honaa

battiisii bajnaa

teeth to chatter due to cold or fear

battiis kaa suut

(wire-drawing) yards of wire drawn from a tola of gold or silver

battiis abhran baarah singaar

battiis dhaar ho kar nikle

battiisii khilnaa

feel like laughing

battiisii gir jaanaa

battiisii baiTh jaanaa


indicating, indicatory, representing


potato, an esculent root, spud


A boys' game (a boy throws forward a small round potsherd with his foot, which another boy has to bring back with his breath held, and crying bittī, bittī), a run.


blow, cuff, box

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Origin: Hindi

Vazn : 22

बट्टी के हिंदी अर्थ

संज्ञा, स्त्रीलिंग

  • (बारचा साज़ी) नील की चुकती या टिकिया
  • पान का बट्टी (जिसमें पान रखा जाता है)
  • छोटा फल
  • पगड़ी
  • साबुन वग़ैरा की गोल चौकोर या छोटा टिकिया
  • गड़ के गोल और चपते लड्डू (तक़रीबन छटांक भर से लेकर आध पाओ तक के )
  • नारीयल का गोला
  • पत्थर आदि का छोटा टुकड़ा।
  • सिल पर चीजें पीसने का छोटा बट्टा।
  • पत्थर का टुकड़ा मामूली साइज़ का, जैसे : ज़मीन का फ़र्श रगड़ने की बटी
  • शम्मा, मोमबत्ती

بَٹّی کے اردو معانی

اسم، مؤنث

  • ناریل کا گولا.
  • پگڑی.
  • صابن وغیرہ کی گول چوکور یا مستطیل ٹکیا.
  • چھوٹا پھل
  • شمع ، موم بتی
  • عرق کھینْچنے کا بھپکا
  • (بارچہ سازی) نیل کی چکتی یاٹکیا
  • گڑ کے گول اور چپشے لڈو (تقریباّ چھٹانک بھر سے لے کر آدھ پاؤ تک کے)
  • پتھر کا ٹکڑا معمولی سائز کا ، جیسے : زمین کا فرش رگڑنے کی بٹی.

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