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chaahne vaalii balaa bhii achchhii

chaahne ke naam se gadhii ne bhii khet khaanaa chho.D diyaa

jiit kii havaa bhii achchhii

javaanii par kadhii bhii achchhii maa'luum hotii hai

everything appears interesting and alluring in youth

aa balaa gale pa.D nahii.n pa.Dtii to bhii pa.D

allusion to inviting unnecessary trouble

gobar kii saa.njhii bhii phariyaa o.Dhe achchhii lagtii hai

chaahne vaalaa

lover, boyfriend, fan

buraa chaahne vaalaa

lohaa jaane , lohaar jaane , dhau.nkne vaalii kii balaa jaane

achchhii bha.ii gu.D sattarah ser


like, wish, want, choose

muu.e-sher se jiitii billii achchhii

achchhii se achchhii

the best of all, the very best

achchhii gha.Dii

propitious moment or hour


(a way of addressing a woman intimately) dear, darling

chaahne lagnaa

pa.Dhe ghar kii billii bhii pa.Dhii

achchhii aa.e

achchhii tarah

in a satisfactory way, well, thoroughly

achchhii pa.D rahnaa

KHudaa vaaste billii bhii chuuhe nahii.n maartii

chhaaj bole to bole chhalnii bhii bolii jis me.n sattar chhed

achchhii tarah se

carefully, in a fitting manner, duly, suitably, thoroughly, fully, plentifully, well, satisfactorily

chhaaj bolaa to bolaa chhalnii bhii bolii jis me.n bahattar chhed

aag jaane luhaar jaane dho.nkne vaale kii balaa jaane

chhaaj bole so bole chhalnii bhii bole jis me.n sau sau chhed

the pot calling the kettle black

lohaa jaane , lohaar jaane , dhau.nkne vaale kii balaa jaane

raag bhii apne vaqt kaa achchhaa hotaa hai

siikh usii ko denii achchhii jo terii sikshaa maane achchhii

achchhii raah lagaanaa

pa.Dos vaalii


achchhii lagnaa

ho.nT hile na jiibaa kholii , phir bhii saas kahe ba.D bolii

'ujlat achchhii nahii.n hotii

achchhii KHaase

achchhii nazar se dekhnaa

to like, to opt, to honour, acknowledging someone's accomplishments in the heart

tabii'at achchhii honaa

diivaar vaalii

nakTo.n me.n ek naak vaalaa bhii nakkuu hotaa hai

muraado.n vaalii

bachcho.n vaalii


be bulaa.e KHadaa ke ghar bhii nahii.n jaate

qorma ubsaa ubsaa bhii daal se achchhaa hotaa hai

suup to suup chhalnii bhii bolii jis me.n bahattar chhed

the kettle calling the pot black, the defective person should look at its own defects before opening the tongue, the one who have a clean image, then it is brag


chief, governor

achchhii kahii

well said!

achchhii rahii

achchhii muhuurat

favourable conjunction of the stars

maqdirat vaalii

balaa pa.Dnaa

hazaaro.n vaalii


woman who applies leeches



billii bhii la.Dtii hai to mu.nh par panja rakh letii hai

even animals are shy to fight (said to a quarrelsome person)

nakTo.n me.n ek naak vaalaa bhii naakuu hotaa hai

naukarii nit na.ii achchhii

dillii vaalii

a native or an inhabitant of Delhi

dhakke vaalii quvvat

allaah vaalii

Meaning ofSee meaning chaahne vaalii balaa bhii achchhii in English, Hindi & Urdu

chaahne vaalii balaa bhii achchhii

चाहने वाली बला भी अच्छीچاہْنے والی بَلا بھی اَچّھی

Origin: Hindi

चाहने वाली बला भी अच्छी के हिंदी अर्थ


  • जो मोहब्बत करे और चाहे, भले वह कैसा भी हो, अच्छा लगता है

چاہْنے والی بَلا بھی اَچّھی کے اردو معانی


  • جو محبت کرے اور چاہے خواہ کیسا ہی ہو اچھا لگتا ہے

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chaahne vaalii balaa bhii achchhii

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