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dam.De karnaa

to sell off, to sell cheap

dam.De siidhe karnaa

dam.De KHarachnaa





gold, silver, wealth, money, riches


a kind of old coin whose value was equal to thirty-two parts of an aana, cent, paisa, nominal coin, fourth part of a paisa



dam.Dii kii huqyaa

dam.Dii kaa charaaG

do dam.Dii kaa

dam.Dii kaa babvaa

cham.Dii jaa.e dam.Dii na jaa.e

dam.Dii kii bulbul, Takaa chhuTvaa.ii

dam.Dii kaa

dam.Dii kaa paTe baaz

dam.Dii me.n mu.nh laal hai

Street cry, Lips reddened for a farthing.

dam.Dii bhar e'tibaar nahii.n

dam.Dii na jaa.e chaahe cham.Dii jaa.e

said of a miser who bears physical pain to save a very small amount of money

cham.Dii jaa.e magar dam.Dii na jaa.e

remark on miserliness, flay me but do not take my money

dam.Dii na jaa.e par cham.Dii jaa.e

dam.Dii kii bu.Dhiyaa Takaa sar mu.nDaa.ii

said when the cost of renovation or repair, etc. is more than the original price

dam.Dii kii bulbul Takaa hushkaa.ii

dam.Dii kii gho.Dii, chha paserii daana

dam.Dii kii gu.Diyaa Takaa sar mu.nDaa.ii

dam.Dii kii kau.Dii chalii so udhaar


dam.Dii kii gu.Diyaa Takaa Dolii ko

dam.Dii kaa puustii

palle dam.Dii na honaa

be penniless

dam.Dii ko na puuchhnaa

palle dam.Dii na rahnaa

dam.Dii na jaa.e agar chhe cham.Daa jaa.e

dam.Dii kii bulbul Takaa huskaa.ii

dam.Dii kii murGii, nau Take nakiyaa

dam.Dii kii nihaarii me.n TaaT ke Tuk.De

dam.Dii ke tiin tiin

biivii nek baKHt, dam.Dii kii daal tiin vaqt

a good housewife is frugal

dam.Dii kii paag adhelii kaa juutaa

dam.Dii kii daal buvaa patlii na ho

dam.Dii kii haa.nDii ga.ii kutte kii zaat pahchaanii

dam.Dii kii ruu.ii ma.ngvaa.ii Takaa diyaa is kii dhunvaa.ii

dam.Dii kii haa.nDii ga.ii , kutte kii zaat pahchaanii ga.ii

a minor misdemeanour reveals the true nature of the doer

dam.Dii kii ha.nDiyaa ga.ii kutte kii zaat pahchaan lii

dam.Dii kii haa.nDii ga.ii kutte kii zaat pahchaan lii

dam.Dii ke tiin tiin honaa

sell dirt cheap

dam.Dii kii arhar, saarii raat kharar

dam.Dii-dam.Dii ko muhtaaj honaa

dam.Dii kii bachhiyaa baara Take kii hatyaa

dam.Dii kii ha.nDiyaa ga.ii magar kutte kii zaat pahchaanii ga.ii

Little loss resulting in much gain.

dam.Dii kii daal aap hii kuTnii aap hii chhinaal

dam.Dii kaa bartan Thok bajaa kar lenaa

banainii paan dam.Dii ke khaa.e ghar rahe ki baahar jaa.e

dam.Dii kii lau.nge.n baniyaa khaa.e ye ghar rahe ki jaa.e

dam.Dii kii baniyaa khaa.e ye ghar rahe ki jaa.e

dam.Dii kii ha.nDiyaa lete hai.n to Thok bajaa kar lete hai.n

even a minor transaction requires circumspection

hu.Dda.ngaa karnaa

hu.Dda.nge karnaa

Meaning ofSee meaning dam.De karnaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

dam.De karnaa

दमड़े करनाدَمْڑے کَرْنا


English meaning of dam.De karnaa

  • to sell off, to sell cheap
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दमड़े करना के हिंदी अर्थ

  • बेचना, सस्ता बेचना, बीच कर नक़द रुपय कर लेना

دَمْڑے کَرْنا کے اردو معانی

  • بیچنا ، سستا بیچنا ، بیچ کر نقد روپے کر لینا .

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dam.De karnaa

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