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afford, offer, allot, allow, emit, give forth, give (birth), give, confer, lay (eggs), pay (a debt, etc.), produce, yield, raise (a cry for help)

dhaa.D denaa

pachhaa.De.n denaa

torment, torture

chho.D denaa


bhi.Daa denaa

bring together in a dispute, to incite two or more people to fight


a log tied to the neck of a vicious ox or cow

lak.Diyaa.n denaa

Dev.Dhaa denaa

ba.Daa.ii denaa

honour, esteem, respect, bestow an honour on someone

cha.Dhaavaa denaa

ba.Dhaavaa denaa

encourage, incite or stimulate

bha.Diyaa.n denaa

kivaa.D denaa

to close the door

ja.Daavar denaa

jhavaa.D denaa

a.Da.ngaa denaa

jha.njho.Dii denaa

jha.njo.Dii denaa

dau.Daa denaa

send in hurry

dha.Dke denaa

jo.D denaa

join, connect, link, unite, repair or mend something broken

gaa.D denaa

jhaa.Daa denaa

practicing exorcism

mo.D denaa

jo.Daa denaa

gift a newly wed bride clothes

bhaa.De denaa

gho.Daa denaa

abandoned a female horse for male horse

to.D denaa

break, disrupt, destroy

jhaa.D denaa

e.Dii denaa

vazaa.if denaa

chhu.Daa denaa

set free, take or snatch away (from)

lappa.De denaa

pachhaa.D denaa

to drop, to flatten, to defeat

ba.Dhayyaa denaa

daa.ii.n denaa

vidaa' denaa

dhachchiyaa.n denaa

maro.Daa denaa

raga.D denaa

jaka.D denaa

rag.Daa denaa

ma.Do.Dii denaa

jhaa.Duu denaa


tarii.Daa denaa

foment in this way

lataa.D denaa

ja.D denaa

mak.Dii denaa

maro.D denaa

jha.Dtii denaa

be subjected to body search, be thoroughly searched

sa.Daakaa denaa

ga.Daa denaa

baa.Dh denaa

instigate, excite, sharpen the edge (of a weapon)

maro.Dii denaa


nicho.D denaa

kha.Dkha.Daa denaa

ma.Dh denaa

cover, put lid over

ga.Dba.Daa denaa

pa.Dhaa denaa

jhi.Dkii denaa

scold, chide, snap at, snub, rebuff

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Vazn : 22

English meaning of Denaa

Noun, Masculine

  • a log tied to the neck of a vicious ox or cow

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ڈینا کے اردو معانی

اسم، مذکر

  • وہ ڈنڈا، جو شریر بیل کی گردن میں بان٘دھ دیتے ہیں

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