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dhajjiyaa.n u.Dhaanaa

to tear to shreds, to punish severely, to tear (one's) character to pieces, to disgrace, to expose to infamy

dhajjiyaa.n u.Dnaa

dhajjiyaa.n u.Daa denaa


strips, byssus

dhajjiyaa.n bikher denaa

dhajjiyaa.n karnaa

dhajjiyaa.n lenaa

dhajjiyaa.n lagnaa

be in tatters

dhajjiyaa.n bikhernaa

disgrace, expose to infamy

dhajjiyaa.n lagaanaa

dhajjiyaa.n bikhar jaanaa

o.Dhnaa u.Dhaanaa

to cover (one) with a sheet or mantle, to marry (since, among villagers, in marrying a widow a sheet or mantle is thrown over her)


cover with a sheet or mantle, wrap in a garment or cloth

kap.Do.n kaa dhajjiyaa.n lene ke qaabil ho jaanaa

dhajjiyaa.n tan par lagaanaa

chaadar u.Dhaanaa

naqaab u.Dhaanaa

kafan u.Dhaanaa

ruumaalii u.Dhaanaa

Topii u.Dhaanaa

kambal u.Dhaanaa

chaadar o.Dhaanaa

marry a widow

naqaab o.Dhaanaa

kau.Diyaa.n u.Daanaa

pu.Diyaa.n u.Daanaa

to make offerings of abīr and siṅdūr to a saint.

dhuvaa.n u.Daanaa

smoke a cigarette, to cause smoke to rise by burning oil, to destroy, to reduce to poverty

dhu.e.n u.Daanaa

havaa.iyaa.n u.Daanaa

Gauzii.n u.Daanaa

dhu.e.n uu.Daanaa

vaz' uu.Daanaa

dhu.e.n u.Daanaa

be sad, mourn, bemoan, lament

vaz' u.Daanaa

chhich.De u.Daanaa

chhiichh.De u.Daanaa

gho.Daa u.Daanaa

Tuk.De u.Daanaa

(of cloth or paper) tear into pieces

baa.Dh u.Daanaa

gapo.De u.Daanaa

chiitha.De u.Daanaa

chastise, criticize mercilessly, sharp criticism

chith.De u.Daanaa

chauk.Dii u.Daanaa

Tuk.De-Tukre u.Daanaa

afvaah u.Daanaa

spreading the rumours, broadcasting unverified news, spreading lies

faaKHtaa.e.n u.Daanaa

faziihtiyaa.n u.Daanaa


daa'vat u.Daanaa

maGz u.Daanaa

upset (someone), disturbance in mind

varaq u.Daanaa

mazaaq u.Daanaa

ridicule, joke, poke fun at

ghaa.iyaa.n u.Daanaa

havaa.ii u.Daanaa

spread a rumour

havaa.ii uu.Daanaa

malaa.iyaa.n u.Daanaa par u.Daanaa

Wrestling: to fallen someone with the trick of leg, to lay-down the opponent with the leg kick

paa.nv u.Daanaa

to interfere or meddle (with)

nii.nd u.Daanaa

dohriyaa.n u.Daanaa

'aql u.Daanaa

Meaning ofSee meaning dhajjiyaa.n u.Dhaanaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

dhajjiyaa.n u.Dhaanaa

धज्जियाँ उड़ानाدَھجِّیاں اُڑانا


English meaning of dhajjiyaa.n u.Dhaanaa

  • to tear to shreds, to punish severely, to tear (one's) character to pieces, to disgrace, to expose to infamy
  • disgrace, expose to infamy
  • raise objections, criticize severely
  • tear to shreds, tear into pieces
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धज्जियाँ उड़ाना के हिंदी अर्थ

  • (वस्त्र, कपड़ा एवं काग़ज़ आदि) पारा-पारा करना, पुरज़े पुरज़े करना, टुकड़े टुकड़े करना
  • अपमान करना, लज्जित करना, बुरी तरह ख़बर लेना
  • आपत्ति करना, नुक्ता चीनी करना, बुराईयाँ बयान करना

دَھجِّیاں اُڑانا کے اردو معانی

  • (لباس، کپڑا اور کاغذ وغیرہ) پارہ پارہ کرنا، پرزے پرزے کرنا، ٹکڑے ٹکڑے کرنا
  • ذلیل کرنا، شرمندہ کرنا، بری طرح خبر لینا
  • اعتراض کرنا، نکتہ چینی کرنا، برائیاں بیان کرنا

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dhajjiyaa.n u.Dhaanaa

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