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farq farmaanaa

farq pa.Dnaa

difference to occur, dispute to occur


say, declare, assert, command order

vadii'at farmaanaa

vaa'z farmaanaa

to preach

farq Dalvaanaa

musharraf farmaanaa

vird farmaanaa

vuzuu farmaanaa

vazaahat farmaanaa

shuGl farmaanaa

darguzar farmaanaa

muvaazabat farmaanaa

da.ngaal farmaanaa

tasdii' farmaanaa

'aaq farmaanaa


difference, distinction, different

daryaaft farmaanaa

maGfirat farmaanaa

gosh-guzaar farmaanaa



tashriif farmaanaa

to be respectfully seated at a place

qadam-ranja farmaanaa

take trouble to arrive (for a visit, etc.) or attend (a function or occasion)

saadir farmaanaa

tarah farmaanaa

mu'aaf farmaanaa

tashriif arzaanii farmaanaa

be pleased to take a seat, honour with one's presence

KHvaab farmaanaa

durust farmaanaa

sabqat farmaanaa

mashkuur farmaanaa

maqaam farmaanaa

mumtaaz farmaanaa

zajr farmaanaa

KHidmat farmaanaa

nazm farmaanaa

nazar farmaanaa

yaad farmaanaa

remember, think (of)

nosh farmaanaa

mustarad farmaanaa

nuql farmaanaa

farq karnaa

distinguish, discriminate, differentiate, show partiality

farq nikalnaa

farq laanaa

farq nikaalnaa

discover an error or discrepancy (in accounts), ratification

farq Daalnaa

farq rakhnaa


musavvir kaa farq

'ataa farmaanaa

musamuu' farmaanaa

mana' farmaanaa

dil me.n farq pa.Dnaa

nazar me.n farq pa.Dnaa

hidaayat farmaanaa

jalva farmaanaa

mulaahaza farmaanaa

to pay attention, to see, to examine, to inquire, to check, to read (often to see or overview an article by an officer or honored one)

nahzat farmaanaa

daura farmaanaa

Meaning of farq farmaanaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

farq farmaanaa

फ़र्क़ फ़रमानाفَرْق فَرْمانا

Critique us (farq farmaanaa)





फ़र्क़ फ़रमाना के हिंदी अर्थ


  • मांग निकालना

فَرْق فَرْمانا کے اردو معانی


  • مانگ نکالنا .

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