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gaa.nT kholnaa


gaa.nT baa.ndhnaa

gaa.nT paka.D rahnaa

gaa.nT lenaa



naa.Daa kholnaa

have coitus

da.Dbaa kholnaa

paa.D kholnaa

to dismantle the scaffolding

gaa.Dii kholnaa

juu.Daa kholnaa

khi.Dkii kholnaa

jha.D kholnaa

darvaaza kholnaa

'uqda kholnaa

solve a difficult problem


be angry, rage, boil or burn with rage, boil, be very hot, clarify, explain, cut or rip open, expand, spread out, open, solve (a problem), start, begin, turn on, switch on (a fan, etc), unfold, disclose, reveal, expose, unlock, unbolt, unmoor (a boat, etc.), untie, unravel, let loose, disengage, set free, liberate

aaGosh kholnaa

kaaGaz kholnaa

to lay bare, bring to light one's vices or faults

dahaa.n kholnaa

daa.nt kholnaa

mu.nh kholnaa

open or uncork (a bottle or container), reveal a secret, speak, yawn, unveil or uncover the face, open the mouth, abuse

dukkaan kholnaa

quful kholnaa

fasd kholnaa


daftar kholnaa

begin, start, state with detail

qal'ii kholnaa

expose someone's defects or vice, etc.

kachchaa-chiTThaa kholnaa

silaah kholnaa

ghaa.ii kholnaa

daam kholnaa

dil kholnaa

dum kholnaa

bhed kholnaa

expose, unmask, betray

gosh kholnaa

to make someone aware of a matter

nishaan kholnaa

god kholnaa

shanaasii kholnaa

daaman kholnaa

mu'ammaa kholnaa

ho.nT kholnaa

dar-e-aaz kholnaa

to be greedy

ghu.nDii kholnaa

unbutton, unravel

la.ngoT kholnaa

retire from wresting

ku.nDii kholnaa

haqiiqat kholnaa

baazii kholnaa

baazuu kholnaa

minqaar kholnaa

say something

nazar kholnaa

baGal kholnaa

zanjiir kholnaa

nabz kholnaa

band kholnaa

zabaan kholnaa

mu.nh kholnaa

to speak, to abuse, to open the mouth, to reveal

na.e ufuq kholnaa

muu.n kholnaa

gunaah kholnaa

girah kholnaa

Meaning of gaa.nT kholnaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

gaa.nT kholnaa

गाँट खोलनाگان٘ٹ کھولْنا

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گان٘ٹ کھولْنا کے اردو معانی


  • گرہ کھولنا، عقدہ وا کرنا.

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