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me.nh kaa ka.Dkaa aur nokarii gha.Dii gha.Dii nahii.n hu.aa kartii


every now and again, time and again, again and again, every moment, repeatedly

gha.Dii aadh gha.Dii

gha.Dii par gha.Dii

gha.Dii tolaa gha.Dii maashaa

gha.Dii tola gha.Dii maasha

naqqaaraa-navaaz gha.Dii

naqqaara-navaaz gha.Dii

gha.Dii me.n maashaa gha.Dii me.n tola

gha.Dii me.n kuchh gha.Dii me.n kuchh

gha.Dii me.n auliyaa gha.Dii me.n bhuut

a saint at a moment and devil at next, someone whose attitude is unreliable or changeable

gha.Dii me.n gha.Diyaal

gha.Dii pahaa.D honaa

gha.Dii me.n gaa.nv jale nau gha.Dii kaa bhadraa

gha.Dii me.n ghar jale nau gha.Dii kaa bhadraa

achchhii gha.Dii

propitious moment or hour

do gha.Dii kaa ta.Dkaa

gha.Dii KHilaaf-e-me'yaar

in the opposite direction to the movement of the hands of a clock, in the opposite direction to the way in which the hands of a clock move round.

zavaal kii gha.Dii

judaa.ii kii gha.Dii

moment or time of separation or departure

gha.Dii me.n gha.Diyaal hai

muGal kaa puut gha.Dii me.n auliyaa gha.Dii me.n bhuut

kachchii gha.Dii me.n

in short while

paThaan kaa puut, gha.Dii me.n auliyaa gha.Dii me.n bhuut

a moody fellow is not reliable, he may be very nice one moment and may turn very nasty in the next

kachchii do gha.Dii me.n

gha.Dii bhar me.n ghar jale aur a.Dhaa.ii gha.Dii me.n bhadaar

gha.Dii guzarnaa

dastii gha.Dii

wrist watch

gha.Dii me.n

gha.Dii bhar me.n ghar jale aur Dhaa.ii gha.Dii me.n bhadaar

do gha.Dii kii vaah vaah

qubuuliyyat kii gha.Dii

din do-chaar gha.Dii honaa

a.Dhaa.ii gha.Dii kii maut aa.e

do gha.Dii din rahnaa

yak-yak gha.Dii

each and every second

ko.ii gha.Dii kaa mehmaa.n

gha.Dii kii chauthaa.ii me.n

chaar gha.Dii kii chaa.ndnii


qayaamat kii gha.Dii



do gha.Dii bajnaa


aaTh pahar chau.nshaTh gha.Dii


a few moments, a short while, two moments

savaa gha.Dii kaa

mushkil gha.Dii aanaa

KHushii kii gha.Dii

mahshar kii gha.Dii


lucky moment, auspicious time



gha.Dii bhar me.n

in a moment, in a trice, in a jiffy, in a while

do-chaar gha.Dii raat rahe

Dhaa.ii gha.Dii kii aa.e


an interval of twenty-four minutes, time, hour, moment

do gha.Dii kii dil lagii

gha.Dii saa'at kaa naqsha honaa

Meaning ofSee meaning gha.Dii-gha.Dii in English, Hindi & Urdu


घड़ी-घड़ीگَھڑی گَھڑی

Origin: Hindi

Vazn : 1212

English meaning of gha.Dii-gha.Dii


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घड़ी-घड़ी के हिंदी अर्थ


گَھڑی گَھڑی کے اردو معانی

فعل متعلق

  • بار بار، دمبدم، لحظہ بہ لحظہ، لمحہ بہ لمحہ، رہ رہ کر
  • پے در پے، متواتر، لگاتار

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