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goT u.Dnaa

diivaanii goT

Got par Got aanaa

pa.Daaqe kii goT

colourful border of a dress, etc.



Tuk.Dii kii goT


kuhnii-daar goT

goT pha.nsnaa


Got denaa


assembly, company, gathering, feast



parentage, lineage, stock of family, race, subdivision of tribe or caste

goT piiTnaa

goT maarnaa

remove the opponent's knot from his box and place his knot


goT honaa



deep meditation, fainting fit, intoxication

goT mar jaanaa

(in ludo) one's piece to annul

Got lagaanaa

Got me.n honaa

Got me.n honaa

goT laal honaa

become successful

goT pha.nsii honaa

a piece to be stranded (in game)

do KHasm kii joruu chausar kii goT


fly, spread in air, of colour fade, wear out, disappear, vanish, evaporate, explode, blow off, very fast moving, touch the heights in the mind

dhu.Dpa.nge u.Dnaa

dha.Dan u.Dnaa

phuu.ns.De u.Dnaa

chiith.De u.Dnaa

chi.Diyaa u.Dnaa

Tuk.De u.Dnaa

(inside of mouth or the tongue) be injured or to burn due to hot pepper or some very tart and sour food,

havaa.iyaa.n u.Dnaa

dhajjiyaa.n u.Dnaa

afvaah u.Dnaa

zardii u.Dnaa

dimaaG u.Dnaa

nezo.n u.Dnaa

nii.nde.n u.Dnaa

dhu.aa.n u.Dnaa

be impoverish, be destroyed

maGz u.Dnaa

feel distracted

vaqt u.Dnaa

zindagii u.Dnaa

varaq u.Dnaa

nii.nd u.Dnaa

havaa.ii u.Dnaa

to cast a rumor

faqqe u.Dnaa

kankavvaa u.Dnaa

chhate.n u.Dnaa

roar with laughter or applause, make a great noise

faziitaa u.Dnaa

ha.nsii u.Dnaa

chhii.nTe.n u.Dnaa

zannaaTaa u.Dnaa

gape.n u.Dnaa

ra.njak u.Dnaa

Priming to flash in the pan

gard u.Dnaa

be desolate (of a place)

daastaan u.Dnaa

Meaning of goT u.Dnaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

goT u.Dnaa

गोट उड़नाگوٹ اُڑنا

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गोट उड़ना के हिंदी अर्थ


  • किसी दबाओ में आना, मजबूर होना, कन्नी देना, गोट फँसना, मार लेना, बाहर करना

گوٹ اُڑنا کے اردو معانی


  • کسی دباؤ میں آنا ، مجبور ہونا ، کنی دینا ، گوٹ پھنسنا ، مار لینا ، باہر کرنا.

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