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a judge

vaz' iKHtiyaar karnaa

suped-o-siyaah kaa iKHtiyaar

safed-o-siyaah kaa iKHtiyaar honaa

'arz maa'ruuz kaa iKHtiyaar milnaa

kashiidagii iKHtiyaar karnaa

ravish iKHtiyaar karnaa

salaamat-ravii iKHtiyaar karnaa

rahaa.ish iKHtiyaar karnaa

take up one's abode, stay

haakim mahkuum kii la.Daa.ii kyaa

paraa.e dil par iKHtiyaar nahii.n

na.e na.e haakim, na.ii na.ii baate.n

vabaa.ii suurat iKHtiyaar karnaa

haakim do vaalo.n me.n anjaan


na.e na.e haakim , na.ii na.ii baate.n

new master new laws

mauqif iKHtiyaar karnaa

hold a position, take a stand

aadmiyyat iKHtiyaar karnaa

na.ii raah iKHtiyaar karnaa

buraa haakim KHudaa kaa Gazab

dil iKHtiyaar me.n honaa

cha.Dhat haakim utrat gavaah saKHt hote hai.n

Gulaamii iKHtiyaar karnaa

accept servitude

vatan iKHtiyaar karnaa

duurii iKHtiyaar karnaa

qaalib iKHtiyaar karnaa

mulaazamat iKHtiyaar karnaa

take service (with), to enter into the service (of)

raah-e-faraar iKHtiyaar karnaa

flee, escape

raah-e-faraar iKHtiyaar karnaa

flee, escape

haakim haare mu.nh me.n maare

faqiirii kaa baanaa iKHtiyaar karnaa


dabaa haakim mahkuum ke taabe'

nayaa iKHtiyaar karnaa

raah iKHtiyaar karnaa iKHtiyaar karnaa

iKHtiyaar me.n honaa

(a matter) to be in one's power or jurisdiction or subject to one's authority

muz.hak suurat iKHtiyaar karnaa

mufaahamat kii raah iKHtiyaar karnaa

gosha iKHtiyaar karnaa

haakim kii agaa.Dii aur gho.De kii pichhaa.Dii na kha.Daa ho

hukm-e-haakim marg-e-mufaajaat

like unexpected death, there is no escape from the orders of the ruler, what cannot be cured must be endured

na.e ruup iKHtiyaar karnaa

haakim ke aa.nkh nahii.n hotii kaan hote hai.n

haakim haare aur mu.nh hii mu.nh maare

'amalii suurat iKHtiyaar karnaa

apne iKHtiyaar me.n honaa

dil par iKHtiyaar honaa

haakim haare mu.nh ko maare

If you confute the ruler he knocks you down.


jurisdiction, management, rule, sway



order, command of ruler

haakim ke kutte

haakim haare mu.nh par maare


one in power or authority, a ruler, governor, dominion, or government, chief, master

baa aa.n ki

iKHtiyaar milnaa

be invested with power or authority

iKHtiyaar karnaa


iKHtiyaar chalnaa

iKHtiyaar rakhnaa

have authority or power, be entitled, be authorised

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हाकिम-ए-बा-इख़्तियारحاکِمِ با اِخْتِیار

Vazn : 21222121

English meaning of haakim-e-baa-iKHtiyaar

Noun, Masculine

  • a judge
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حاکِمِ با اِخْتِیار کے اردو معانی

اسم, مذکر

  • قاضِی ، جج وغیرہ جسے تمام اختیارات حاصل ہوں ، بااِختیار عہدہ دار.

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