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haath me.n pa.Daa rahnaa

Thokaro.n me.n pa.Daa rahnaa

gale me.n pa.Daa rahnaa

kone me.n pa.Daa rahnaa

kaan me.n pa.Daa rahnaa

to be remembered, to be aware of something or matter

haath me.n pa.Daa honaa

dexterity, perfection

hunar haath me.n pa.Daa honaa

dil haath me.n li.e rahnaa

haath me.n haath rahnaa

haath me.n rahnaa

haath me.n dil liye rahnaa

haath me.n kaam rahnaa

haath maatam me.n rahnaa

pa.Daa rahnaa

remain idle or sleep long

li.e pa.Daa rahnaa

paa.nv phailaa.e pa.Daa rahnaa

paa.nv phailaa.e pa.Daa rahnaa

piichhe pa.Daa rahnaa

nikammaa pa.Daa rahnaa

mu.nh lapeTe pa.Daa rahnaa

kuriich pa.Daa rahnaa

kaam pa.Daa rahnaa

sunsaan pa.Daa rahnaa

ghar pa.Daa rahnaa

KHvaab-e-KHargosh me.n pa.De rahnaa

remain oblivious of one's interests

naaKHun me.n pa.De rahnaa

taaq par pa.Daa rahnaa

murda saa pa.Daa rahnaa

lying unconscious like a corpse,

Thokaro.n par pa.Daa rahnaa

suunaa pa.Daa rahnaa

kitaab par au.ndhaa pa.Daa rahnaa

mu.nh lapeT kar pa.Daa rahnaa

baat kaan me.n pa.Dii rahnaa

haatho.n me.n rahnaa

haath baa.ndhe kha.Daa rahnaa

wait upon in a servile manner

haath baa.ndhe kha.De rahnaa

bahte dariyaa me.n haath dhonaa

take advantage of an open opportunity

bahtii ga.ngaa me.n haath dhonaa

take advantage of an open opportunity

haath baa.ndhe rahnaa

haath ravaa.n rahnaa

haath zer-e-zanaKHdaa.n rahnaa

haath baa.ndh kar kha.Daa rahnaa

da.ngaal haath rahnaa

ga.Dhe me.n pa.Daa honaa

lahuu me.n haath dhonaa

Gash me.n pa.Daa honaa

tevarii me.n bal pa.Daa

naaKHuuno.n me.n pa.Daa honaa

adhar me.n pa.Daa honaa

haath-paa.o.n se a.Daa rahnaa

ghuTTii me.n pa.Daa honaa

be used to anything from infancy, to become one's second nature, (something) to be instilled since very early age

haath jhaa.D kar baiTh rahnaa

haath par haath dhare rahnaa

be idle

raste me.n pa.Daa paanaa

jeb me.n pa.Daa honaa

maidaan haath rahnaa

haath rahnaa

haatho.n me.n kaTh putlii banaa rahnaa

baazii haath rahnaa

turkii ke haath pa.Daa taazii ke kaan hu.e

Meaning ofSee meaning haath me.n pa.Daa rahnaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

haath me.n pa.Daa rahnaa

हाथ में पड़ा रहनाہاتھ میں پَڑا رَہْنا


हाथ में पड़ा रहना के हिंदी अर्थ


  • हाथ में रहना, क़ाबू में रहना

ہاتھ میں پَڑا رَہْنا کے اردو معانی


  • ہاتھ میں رہنا ، قابو میں رہنا ۔

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haath me.n pa.Daa rahnaa

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