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haq allaah paak zaat allaah

pa.Dho miyaa.n miTThuu jug jug jii piir nabii jii haq allaah paak zaat allaah

haq allaah huu


haq naam allaah kaa

allaah allaah bhaa.ii allaah allaah , meraa beTaa so.e allaah allaah

allaah allaah

good God! my goodness! good gracious!

allaah shaafii allaah kaafii

God is the curer and He is sufficient, a formula used at the time of taking or administering medicine

allaah allaah re

allaah allaah karnaa

to call on God, to say (one's) prayers, count (one's) beads

allaah allaah kar

allaah allaah karo

allaah hii allaah

allaah allaah bhaa.ii ke

allaah allaah kii chiiz

allaah allaah KHair sallaah

thank God it is over, that is all there is to it

zaahir allaah baatin allaah

allaah allaah kar ke

allaah hii allaah hai

God alone remains, it is all finished now

allaah allaah KHair sallaa

thank God it is over, that is all there is to it

allaah allaah KHair sallaa

thank God it is over, that is all there is to it

allaah de allaah dilaave allaah kaa dayaa kul 'aalam paave

maa'buud allaah

ab allaah hii allaah hai

allaah milaa.ii jo.Dii

allaah haafiz


allaah kii baate.n allaah hii jaane


may God be your rescuer said at the time of bidding farewell

uu.ii allaah

'ishq allaah lenaa

allaah de allaah dilaave, banda de muraad paave

baa-musalmaa.n allaah allaah baa-brahman raam raam

when in Rome do as the Roman do

allaah allaah kii amaan , tum par allaah kii amaan , tum jiyo merii jaan , tumhaaraa allaah nigahbaan

allaah miyaa.n

Allah, the Supreme Lord

allaah qasam

(I swear) by God

nayaa musalmaan allaah hii allaah pukaare

allaah vaalii

allaah suu.n

by God!


devout, religious, absorbed in God


allaah baKHshe

miyaa.n allaah



God, holy, pure being-God

allaah bachaa.e


Allah, God, the Supreme Being, the Omnipotent, the Almighty

allaah miyaa.n ke pichhvaa.De

the back of beyond, a very faraway place

allaah tavakkalii

allaah na dikhaa.e

allaah shaahid hai

allaah allaah bhaa.ii ke , diide bhuuTe.n nazar haa.ii ke


God addressed as a friend



allaah re dimaaG

allaah kii qudrat

allaah kii sa.nvaar

an expression of abuse, may God correct (one's) ways!


God, the great


yaa maa'buud allaah

Meaning ofSee meaning haq allaah paak zaat allaah in English, Hindi & Urdu

haq allaah paak zaat allaah

हक़ अल्लाह पाक ज़ात अल्लाहحَق اَللہ پاک ذات اَللہ


हक़ अल्लाह पाक ज़ात अल्लाह के हिंदी अर्थ

  • अल्लाह बरहक़ है और इस की ज़ात पाक है (ये फ़िक़रा तोते को भी याद कराते हैं) , यक्का-ओ-तन्हा

حَق اَللہ پاک ذات اَللہ کے اردو معانی

  • اللہ برحق ہے اور اس کی ذات پاک ہے (یہ فقرہ طوطے کو بھی یاد کراتے ہیں)، یکّہ و تنہا

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haq allaah paak zaat allaah

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