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haraj maraj khii.nchnaa

haraj-maraj vaaqe' honaa

haraj maraj uThaanaa


trouble, agitation, disorder

haraj pa.Dnaa

haraj vaaqe' honaa


haraj Daalnaa

haraj karnaa


collection of trees, thicket, wood, collection or flock of camels


ruin, destruction


mismanagement, entropy

haraj karnaa

cause loss or damage

haraj honaa

suffer loss, face trouble




haraj kyaa hai

what's the harm in it!

haraj bhii kyaa hai

haraj hii kyaa hai

it is of no consequence, never mind, there is no harm in it, what is the harm

harraaj karne vaalaa

harraaj honaa

harraaj karnaa

sell by auction

harraaj-KHaana khii.nchnaa

chichh.Dii khii.nchnaa

chich.Dhii khii.nchnaa

score, scrawl

gaa.Dii khii.nchnaa

muraqqa' khii.nchnaa

diqqat khii.nchnaa

naqsh khii.nchnaa

draw a portrait

jadval khii.nchnaa


avert, avoid, shun, behave arrogantly, bring out, bring away, draw out, distil, extract, draw water from well, hang (on a cross or gallows), lengthen, prolong (speech etc.), pull, drag, draw, sketch a map or figure, draw a picture, take a photograph

tasdii' khii.nchnaa

shaaKHe.n khii.nchnaa

rusvaa.ii khii.nchnaa

sharmindagii khii.nchnaa

ziyaa.n khii.nchnaa

daraaz khii.nchnaa

naqsha khii.nchnaa

diivaar khii.nchnaa

'araq khii.nchnaa

to extract the juice, or sap, or liquor (of), to distil

duhaa.ii khii.nchnaa

'azaab khii.nchnaa

qashqa khii.nchnaa

apply tilak on the forehead

zillat khii.nchnaa

firaaq khii.nchnaa

lakiire.n khii.nchnaa khii.nchnaa

qalam-e-'afv khii.nchnaa

shabiih khii.nchnaa

faaqa khii.nchnaa

huqqa khii.nchnaa

zubaan khii.nchnaa

talvaar khii.nchnaa

draw a sword

tasviir khii.nchnaa

describe vividly in words

naaz khii.nchnaa

nadaamat khii.nchnaa

mad khii.nchnaa

KHvaarii khii.nchnaa

moze khii.nchnaa

Meaning of haraj maraj khii.nchnaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

haraj maraj khii.nchnaa

हरज मरज खींचनाہَرَج مَرج کِھینچنا

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हरज मरज खींचना के हिंदी अर्थ


  • नुक़्सान उठाना , मुश्किलें और तकलीफ़ें बर्दाश्त करना

ہَرَج مَرج کِھینچنا کے اردو معانی


  • نقصان اُٹھانا ؛ مشکلیں اور تکلیفیں برداشت کرنا ۔

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