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haraj maraj uThaanaa

haraj maraj khii.nchnaa

haraj-maraj vaaqe' honaa


trouble, agitation, disorder

haraj pa.Dnaa

haraj vaaqe' honaa


haraj Daalnaa

haraj karnaa


collection of trees, thicket, wood, collection or flock of camels


ruin, destruction


mismanagement, entropy

haraj karnaa

cause loss or damage

haraj honaa

suffer loss, face trouble




haraj kyaa hai

what's the harm in it!

haraj bhii kyaa hai

haraj hii kyaa hai

it is of no consequence, never mind, there is no harm in it, what is the harm

harraaj karne vaalaa

harraaj honaa

harraaj karnaa

sell by auction


dha.Dkaa uThaanaa

dha.Daa uThaanaa


chha.D uThaanaa

gho.Dii uThaanaa

gaa.Dii uThaanaa

ka.Dii uThaanaa

jo.Daa uThaanaa

bam.Dii uThaanaa

be.Daa uThaanaa

undertake to accomplish a job, take up the gauntlet, set oneself to do

jhag.Daa uThaanaa

create a fuss, raise a quarrel or an issue, dispute

bakhe.Daa uThaanaa

chuuta.D uThaanaa

gho.Daa uThaanaa

zaa.iqa uThaanaa

diivaar uThaanaa

raise or build a wall

ha.Dba.Dii uThaanaa

pahaa.D uThaanaa

perform a difficult or important task

sivayyaa.n uThaanaa

diqqat uThaanaa

mashaqqat uThaanaa


hindrance, obstacle, obstruction

sho'bade uThaanaa

rusvaa.ii uThaanaa

suffer disgrace

raushnaa.ii uThaanaa

aasaa.ish uThaanaa

to live a luxurious life, to live in affluence, to enjoy a life of peace and plenty

qaziyya uThaanaa

raise contention or quarrel

nazre.n uThaanaa

ma.nzil uThaanaa

constructing a home

nazre.n uThaanaa

sharmindagii uThaanaa

suffer shame or disgrace

dimaaG uThaanaa

paa.nv uThaanaa

qarz uThaanaa

borrow, take a loan

taqaazaa uThaanaa

to carry out a demand

daaG uThaanaa

suffer a grief

zid uThaanaa

naqsh uThaanaa

Meaning of haraj maraj uThaanaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

haraj maraj uThaanaa

हरज मरज उठानाہَرَج مَرج اُٹھانا

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हरज मरज उठाना के हिंदी अर्थ


  • परेशानियाँ बर्दाश्त करना, मुसीबतें उठाना

ہَرَج مَرج اُٹھانا کے اردو معانی


  • پریشانیاں برداشت کرنا ، مصیبتیں اٹھانا ۔

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