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'izzat banaanaa


chastity, virginity

'izzat biga.Dnaa

'izzat ba.Dhaanaa

'izzat ba.Dhnaa

'izzat cha.Dnaa

'izzat bigaa.Dnaa

insult, disgrace, dishonour

'izzat ga.nvaanaa

'izzat baKHshnaa

'izzat utarvaanaa

'izzat vaalaa

reputable and respectable person

'izzat dharnaa

'izzat denaa

'izzat sa.nbhaalnaa


gain more in respect, to raise someone's status and respect in high level

'izzat karnaa

to exalt one's glory or name

'izzat bechnaa

'izzat milnaa

'izzat luuTnaa

rape, to insult

'izzat utaarnaa

insult, disgrace, dishonour, rape

'izzat jaanaa

'izzat khonaa

'izzat khulnaa

'izzat bachaanaa

rescue from rape, save reputation

'izzat rahnaa

honour to be preserved, face to be saved

'izzat Dubonaa

'izzat lenaa

dishonour, insult, disgrace, put to shame, destroy reputation, abuse, violate, rape

'izzat luTnaa

'izzat miTaanaa





respectability, honor, respectfulness


powerful, holding high rank, honourable, respectable, respected, esteemed, a man of rank or honour, a man highly respected, a respectable man



honorable, respectable

'izzat zyaada karnaa


respect and honour


one who demands respect from everyone

chha.Diyaa.n banaanaa


cause for respect


preserve one's honour or good name, save one from embarrassment or disgrace




daa.Dhii banaanaa

shave the hair off one's face

jo.D banaanaa

to make a pair, make a match, marry


Allah, the most respectful


without honour or dignity, disgraced, contemptible, dishonoured, disreputable, defamed, notorious, one who has no dignity or good name


respectable, honourable, reputable, of good repute

gu.Diyaa banaanaa

jo.Daa banaanaa

make a pair, form an alloy

sa.Dak banaanaa

build a road

Tho.Dii banaanaa

chi.D banaanaa

baa.D banaanaa

gha.Dii banaanaa

Daa.Dhii banaanaa

Te.Dhaa banaanaa

aa.Dii banaanaa

big.Dii banaanaa

improve or better one's lot

Meaning of 'izzat banaanaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

'izzat banaanaa

'इज़्ज़त बनानाعِزَّت بَنانا

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'इज़्ज़त बनाना के हिंदी अर्थ


  • हैसियत दरुस्त करना

عِزَّت بَنانا کے اردو معانی


  • حیثیت درست کرنا .

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