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magic, charm, sorcery, wizardry, spell, necromancy, enchantment

jaaduu to.Dnaa

jaaduu cha.Dhnaa

jaaduu kii pu.Diyaa

jaaduu kii lak.Dii

jaaduu kii pu.Dii

jaaduu kii roshnaa.ii

jaaduu bharii aavaaz

jaaduu ulaT denaa

jaaduu palaT denaa

jaaduu kar denaa

jaaduu pa.Dh kar maash maarnaa

jaaduu pa.Dh ke maash maarnaa

ba.ngaal kaa jaaduu

wizardry, traditionally associated with Bengal

naino.n me.n jaaduu honaa

jaaduu kii nazar

the captivating sight of the beloved

zabaan me.n jaaduu honaa

jaaduu bharii nigaah

jaaduu kii nigaah

ba.ngaalaa kaa jaaduu

aa.nkho.n me.n jaaduu honaa


a magical mirror which shows the coveted face that an onlooker wishes to see

aa.nkho.n kaa jaaduu



jaaduu bharii aa.nkhe.n

jaaduu bharaa

jaaduu Dhaanaa

jaaduu Daalnaa

jaaduu ulTaanaa

jaaduu utaarnaa

to exorcise, dispel the effect of magic

jaaduu chalnaa

(of magic) affect, be influenced

jaaduu jagaanaa

to impress, create an impression

jaaduu karnaa

to practise incantations, magic, to enchant, charm, bewitch, conjure

jaaduu jaagnaa

jaaduu khulnaa

jaaduu bolnaa

jaaduu utarnaa

to be dispelled from the effect of magic

jaaduu chalaanaa

jaaduu TuuTnaa

jaaduu banaanaa

jaaduu maarnaa

to cast a spell

jaaduu ulaTnaa

reversal of sorcery (towards the sorcerer)

jaaduu honaa

jaaduu bar-haq karne vaalaa kaafir

magic is a fact but its practice is tantamount to blasphemy


charmed, under the spell

jaaduu kaa chakkar


magical/ enchanting look




imaginary chandelier

jaaduu vo jo sar cha.Dh ke bole

jaaduu vo jo sar cha.Dh kar bole

a trick or plan is good when it succeeds and is admired even by the rival

jaaduu ulaT jaanaa

jaaduu kii muuTh

abracadabra, a magical formula that can kill a rival

jaaduu kaa Doraa

jaaduu kaa piTaaraa

jaaduu kaa khel

magic show, conjuring trick, conjuring

jaaduu palaT jaanaa

sujhaane kaa jaaduu

Meaning ofSee meaning jaaduu in English, Hindi & Urdu



Origin: Persian

Vazn : 22

English meaning of jaaduu

Noun, Masculine

Sher Examples

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जादू के हिंदी अर्थ

संज्ञा, पुल्लिंग

جادُو کے اردو معانی

اسم, مذکر

  • سحر، افسوں، منتر، ٹونا عمل جس کا اثر تو ہو لیکن وجہ سمجھ میں نہ آئے، کوئی عجیب بات جو خلاف عقل ہو
  • شعبدہ بازی، حیرت میں ڈالنے والا کھیل یا کرتب
  • (مجازاً) معمولی اثر رکھنے والی طاقت یا صلاحیت، جاذبیت

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