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jaisaa kan bhar vaisaa man bhar

jaisaa man vaisaa daan

kaan bhar denaa

jaisaa maan vaisaa daan

kaan bhar kar sun.naa

aavaaz kaano.n me.n bhar jaanaa

man-man bhar kaa

kaan bhar jaanaa

kaan bhar lenaa

gha.Dii bhar me.n

in a moment, in a trice, in a jiffy, in a while

tan-man bhar jaanaa

fulfillment of desire, to be happy

man bhar kaa

dam bhar me.n kuchh dam bhar me.n kuchh

dam bhar me.n taula dam bhar me.n maasha

chulluu bhar paanii me.n gaz bhar uchhalnaa

jaisaa mu.nh vaisaa thappa.D

as the question so the answer, a bad cat deserves a bad rat

chhin bhar me.n

in a moment

paa.nv man man bhar ke ho jaanaa


about one maund, to heart's desire

nii.nd aa.nkho.n me.n bhar aanaa

chuTkii bhar me.n

very quickly, in a jiffy

jaisaa baadshaah vaisaa vaziir


jaisaa suut vaisaa phe.nTaa, jaisaa baap vaisaa beTaa

dimaaG me.n havaa bhar jaanaa

have an intense desire (of)

dam bhar me.n

in no time, in an instant

din bhar me.n

mu.nh me.n kaf bhar laanaa

mu.nh me.n ghunguniyaa.n bhar jaanaa

mu.nh me.n paanii bhar aanaa

drool, mouth to water

mu.nh me.n paanii bhar aanaa

jaisaa duudh vaisaa budh

mu.nh me.n paanii bhar aanaa

be greedy, covet

ghuse me.n bhar jaanaa

be enraged

mahfil bhar me.n

ghunguniyaa.n mu.nh me.n bhar kar baiThnaa

aa.nkh me.n aa.nsuu bhar aanaa

aa.nkh me.n aa.nsuu bhar laanaa

muTThiyaa.n bhar bhar kar

jaisaa des vaisaa bhes

when in Rome do as the Romans do

jaisaa kaam vaisaa daam

A bad cat deserves bad rat.

jaisaa sonaa vaisaa dhaaraa

mu.nh me.n ghunghuniyaa.n bhar ke baiThnaa

jaisaa kare vaisaa paa.e

aa.nkho.n me.n paanii bhar aanaa

jholii bhar bhar

jaisaa aaqaa vaisaa naukar

pair man man bhar ke ho jaanaa

phuTke bhar me.n

in a moment, immediately

mulk bhar me.n

phal bhar me.n

ape me.n ape bhar jaanaa

din bhar maa.nge diyaa bhar paa.e

jaisaa kahnaa vaisaa sun.naa

nain bhar-bhar dekhnaa

Duub maro chulluu bhar paanii me.n

drown yourself in a handful of water! be ashamed!


very little, little bit


a cartload of, abundant, plentiful, wide enough for a cart to pass through




Meaning ofSee meaning jaisaa kan bhar vaisaa man bhar in English, Hindi & Urdu

jaisaa kan bhar vaisaa man bhar

जैसा कन भर वैसा मन भरجَیسا کَن بَھر وَیسا مَن بَھر


جَیسا کَن بَھر وَیسا مَن بَھر کے اردو معانی


  • جیسا نمونہ ہوتا ہے ویسا مال ہوتا ہے

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jaisaa kan bhar vaisaa man bhar

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