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jale par nuun chhi.Daknaa

add insult to injury, hurt or torment someone who is already in distress

jale par namak chhi.Daknaa

add insult to injury, hurt or torment someone who is already in distress

jale par non lagaanaa

jale ko jalaa.e.nge nuun mirche.n lagaa.e.nge

zaKHm par nuun-mirch chhi.Dknaa

zaKHm par mushk chhi.Daknaa

zaKHmo.n par namak chhi.Daknaa

zaKHm par namak chhi.Daknaa

to make worse one's pain

ghaav par lon chhi.Daknaa

ghar jale to jale par chaal na big.De

kaTe par namak chhi.Daknaa

kaTe par lon chhi.Daknaa

aag par tel chhi.Daknaa

fan the fire, incite trouble

jaltii aag par tel chhi.Daknaa

jale par jalaanaa

jale par namak lagaanaa

zamiin par kisii ke naam kii sharaab chhi.Daknaa

jaale pa.D jaanaa

haath par ga.ngaa jalii dharnaa

swear on Ganges water


sprinkle, spray, scatter, strew

sa.Dak chhi.Daknaa

havaa.ii chhi.Daknaa

spread nut parings on some sweetmeat

haath par ga.ngaa jalii rakhnaa

naak par diyaa jalaa kar aanaa

come late, be late

kaTe par non mirch lagaanaa

mushk chhi.Daknaa

dam chhi.Daknaa

jii par jaalaa maarnaa

jalii kaTii par aanaa

gulaab chhi.Daknaa

jaan chhi.Daknaa

be deeply devoted to, be ready to sacrifice one's life for, love dearly, be ready to lay down one's life for love

paanii chhi.Daknaa

spray, sprinkle the water, splatter

tel chhi.Daknaa

lon chhi.Daknaa

namak-mirch chhi.Daknaa

surma chhi.Daknaa

KHaaka chhi.Daknaa

lahuu chhi.Daknaa

namak chhi.Daknaa

to sprinkle the salt, to sprinkle the salt on wounds, to torture, to tease, to trouble, to increase the pain

paa.nv jale


jale phaphole pho.Dnaa

express rancour, express chagrin or resentment

tel jale ghii, ghii jale tel

charaaG jale

at nightfall, evening time, the time of sunset

jaltii me.n tel chhi.Daknaa

add fuel to the fire

akelii lak.Dii kahaa.n tak jale


battii jale

at dusk when lights are turned on

jale paa.nv kii billii

restless person, person who runs to and fro, roamer

jale paa.nv kaa kuttaa

jale paa.nv kii billii

nuun tel lak.Dii

household necessities, grocery

ghar jale dhuvaa.n bataa de


nasalized form of noon (ن)

jale dil ke phapole pho.Dnaa

give vent to one's chagrin or anger

jale dil ke phaphole to.Dnaa

dil ke jale phaphole pho.Dnaa

jab.Daa jale sattar balaa Tale

diido.n me.n raa.ii nuun


Meaning ofSee meaning jale par nuun chhi.Daknaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

jale par nuun chhi.Daknaa

जले पर नून छिड़कनाجَلے پَر نُون چِھڑَکنا


English meaning of jale par nuun chhi.Daknaa


  • add insult to injury, hurt or torment someone who is already in distress
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जले पर नून छिड़कना के हिंदी अर्थ


  • मुसीबतज़दा की मुसीबत को और ज़्यादा करना

جَلے پَر نُون چِھڑَکنا کے اردو معانی


  • مصیبت زدہ کی مصیبت کو اور زیادہ کرنا۔

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jale par nuun chhi.Daknaa

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