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hole (in wall), crack, fissure, peephole



Peeping, bo-peep.


shoved in, dumped


bunch or cluster of fruits


waft, blow of air, breeze

jahaa.n kaa


peephole, small opening



clash, clank, crash



jahaan kaa


jhaa.nk ke


signal, small flag (at railway stations)

jhaa.nkii denaa

jho.nkii sahnaa

jhaa.nkii maarnaa

have a look, peep

jhaa.nkii lagaanaa

jho.nkaa aanaa

jho.nke aanaa

jho.nke jaanaa

jho.nke lenaa

jho.nkaa paanaa

jho.nkaa lagnaa

jho.nkaa chalnaa

jho.nke chalnaa

jho.nkaa khaanaa

jho.nke khaanaa

jho.nke nii.nd ke suulii par aate hai.n

aap suubedaar , biivii jho.nke bhaa.D

dillii me.n rah kar bhaa.D jho.nkaa

could not learn anything from able people

dillii me.n rahe aur bhaa.D hii jho.nkaa

dillii me.n rah kar bhaa.D hii jho.nkaa kiye

bhaa.D se nikaalaa bhaTTii me.n jho.nkaa

out of the frying pan into the fire

baarah baras dillii me.n rahe aur bhaa.D hii jho.nkaa

did not learn anything despite opportunities

aap miyaa.n suube daar ghar me.n biivii jho.nke bhaa.D

one putting on airs with penury prevailing at home

baahar miyaa.n suubedaar ghar me.n biivii jho.nke bhaa.D

muukuu na tuukuu bhaa.D me.n jho.nkuu

aap miyaa.n suube-daar, ghar me.n biivii jho.nke bhaa.D

sarcastic comment on someone who puts on unwarranted airs

havaa ke jho.nke kii tarah nikalnaa

nii.nd kaa jho.nkaa aanaa

nii.nd ke jho.nke aanaa

havaa kaa jho.nkaa

chuulhaa jho.nke chaadar haath

havaa ke jho.nke kii maanind


gahrii gor jhaa.nke

Thuu.nTh chateraa man me.n jhii.nke

to ko na mo ko le chuulhe me.n jho.nko

it is called when something is of no use to himself or someone else, to waste something that is of no use for anybody

saas jhaa.nke tu.ii.n tu.ii.n, bahuu chalii baikunTh

saa.ii.n akhiyaa.n pheriyaa.n bairii mulk jahaan, Tuk ik jhaa.nkii mahr dii lakkhaa.n kare.n salaam

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Vazn : 22

English meaning of jhaa.nkaa

Noun, Masculine

  • hole (in wall), crack, fissure, peephole
  • peeked

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Sher Examples

झाँका के हिंदी अर्थ

संज्ञा, पुल्लिंग

  • झरोखा, जिसमें से झाँककर देखते हैं
  • खाँचा (रहठे आदि का दौरा)।

جھانکا کے اردو معانی

اسم، مذکر

  • چھوٹی جھاڑی کا جن٘گل

اسم، مؤنث

  • روزن، سوراخ، رخنہ، جھروکا
  • دیدار، درشن، نظارہ
  • جال دار کھان٘چہ

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