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jigar me.n chhed pa.Dnaa

jigar me.n chhed Daalnaa

to hurt by sarcasm

jigar me.n chhed honaa

to inflict pain (on), to incommode

daaG jigar me.n pa.Dnaa

chhaatii me.n chhed pa.Dnaa

jigar me.n lau bha.Daknaa

jigar par mogrii pa.Dnaa

to suffer mental trauma

jigar mu.nh se nikal pa.Dnaa

jigar me.n chuTkiyaa.n lenaa

make one suffer acutely

jigar me.n tiir khaanaa

to be hurt, to be wound

jigar me.n aag lagaanaa

to give pain (to), to occasion trouble, to bother

badrii me.n chhed karnaa

kaleje me.n chhed Daalnaa

aasmaan me.n chhed honaa

rain cats and dogs

TaTTii me.n chhed karnaa

aasmaan me.n chhed karnaa

be very clever, act cunningly

jigar men tairnaa

laakh pardo.n me.n chhed karnaa

be characterless, become a vagrant

kaleje me.n chhed honaa

hathelii me.n chhed honaa

be spendthrift or extravagant

jis haa.nDii me.n khaa.e.n usii me.n chhed kare.n

to bite the hand that feeds one, an ungrateful person harms his benefactor

jis pattal me.n khaa.e.n usii me.n chhed kare.n

jhag.Do.n me.n pa.Dnaa

la.Dtii me.n pa.Dnaa

chithaa.D me.n pa.Dnaa

kha.Daag me.n pa.Dnaa

jhag.De me.n pa.Dnaa

aasmaan me.n chhed ho jaanaa

dha.D me.n pa.Dnaa

jis bartan me.n khaa.e usii me.n chhed kare

forgive someone's favor or goodwill, to harm someone who was the beneficial earlier

KHadshe me.n pa.Dnaa

become worried, anxious or apprehensive

ma.njdhaar me.n pa.Dnaa

be in great trouble or difficulty, be in the midst of a crisis

'azaab me.n pa.Dnaa

tashviish me.n pa.Dnaa

worry about, be alarmed

bha.nvar me.n pa.Dnaa

ziiq me.n pa.Dnaa

me.n daaG pa.Dnaa

diqqat me.n pa.Dnaa

get into trouble or difficulty

qaziyya me.n pa.Dnaa

mu.nh me.n pa.Dnaa

become talk of the town

iltavaa me.n pa.Dnaa

jis haa.nDii me.n khaanaa usii me.n chhed karnaa

faziihat me.n pa.Dnaa

jigar men choT honaa

to be wound, to be in sorrow

mu.nh me.n pa.Dnaa

biich me.n pa.Dnaa

to interrupt

khaTaa.ii me.n pa.Dnaa

be indefinitely deferred, put or laid aside, put in cold storage, be shelved

mushkil me.n pa.Dnaa

get into difficulty

zabaan me.n pa.Dnaa

narGe me.n pa.Dnaa

phande me.n pa.Dnaa

darmiyaan me.n pa.Dnaa

kashmakash me.n pa.Dnaa

jokho.n me.n pa.Dnaa

run a risk, be endangered, put life or limb in jeopardy, get into trouble

'itaab me.n pa.Dnaa

haatho.n me.n pa.Dnaa

dhoke me.n pa.Dnaa

taali' me.n pa.Dnaa

dhande me.n pa.Dnaa

to be entangle in work

Galatii me.n pa.Dnaa

Meaning of jigar me.n chhed pa.Dnaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

jigar me.n chhed pa.Dnaa

जिगर में छेद पड़नाجِگَر میں چھیْد پَڑْنا

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