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jigar me.n tiir khaanaa

to be hurt, to be wound

daaG-e-jigar khaanaa

jigar par daaG khaanaa

daaG jigar me.n pa.Dnaa

jigar me.n chhed pa.Dnaa

jigar me.n lau bha.Daknaa

laKHt-e-jigar khaanaa

to endure great pains and sorrows

tiir khaanaa

jigar me.n chhed Daalnaa

to hurt by sarcasm

jigar me.n chhed honaa

to inflict pain (on), to incommode

jigar me.n chuTkiyaa.n lenaa

make one suffer acutely

jigar me.n aag lagaanaa

to give pain (to), to occasion trouble, to bother

tiir chille me.n jo.Dnaa

to take an aim

tiir kamaan me.n jo.Dnaa

to take an aim

naak me.n tiir pa.Dnaa

KHuun-e-jigaar khaanaa

endure labor, take trouble, break a sweat

a.ndhere me.n tiir chalaanaa

shoot an arrow in the dark, take an outside chance, guess

naak me.n tiir denaa


nathno.n me.n tiir karnaa

jigar men tairnaa

havaa me.n tiir chalaanaa

kaleje me.n tiir lagnaa

kaleje me.n tiir lagaanaa

tiir kamaan me.n rakhnaa

naak me.n tiir honaa

sar me.n khaanaa

jigar men choT honaa

to be wound, to be in sorrow

tho.Daa khaanaa banaaras me.n rahnaa

jigar dha.Daknaa

to shudder through fear and fright

jigar to.Dnaa

to become wounded, to have one's chest penetrated

jigar pha.Daknaa

be be restless a lot

haath me.n laanaa peT me.n khaanaa

jis haa.nDii me.n khaanaa usii me.n chhed karnaa

bharii ga.ngaa me.n qasam khaanaa

jis bartan me.n khaanaa usii me.n chhed karnaa

to bite the hand that feeds


a disease of animals in which their lungs swell and their blood dries up

tiir ban kar kaleje me.n utarnaa

jigar chhaan.naa

jigar jigar digar digar

mine is mine and yours is yours, everyone knows where his shoe pinches, your own flesh is your own, a stranger is a stranger

siine me.n par khaanaa


(Botany) liver infusion which is obtained with medicated process



jigar kaa Tuk.Daa


a way of stabbing knife

daaG jigar dikhaanaa

jigar Tuk.De karnaa

to give pain (to), to occasion trouble, to bother

jigar dekhnaa

to check one's courage

jigar bhun.naa

(Metaphorically) to be very sad

peT me.n chuuho.n kaa qalaa-baazii khaanaa


bloody heart

jigar khodnaa

to hurt the heart, to give pain (to), to occasion trouble


excavation or affliction of liver


bravery, courageous


blood-stained, bloody


brave hearted, courageous

jigar Tuk.De honaa


(Metaphorically) great sorrow, shock

jigar phu.nknaa

Metaphorically) to be very sad, to be upset

ghar me.n dekho chhalnii na chhaaj baahar miyaa.n tiir andaaz


Meaning of jigar me.n tiir khaanaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

jigar me.n tiir khaanaa

जिगर में तीर खानाجِگَر میں تِیر کھانا

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English meaning of jigar me.n tiir khaanaa


  • to be hurt, to be wound
  • to suffer a lot
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जिगर में तीर खाना के हिंदी अर्थ


  • कलेजे में तीर लगना
  • घायल होना
  • बहुत दुख उठाना

جِگَر میں تِیر کھانا کے اردو معانی


  • کلیجے میں تیر لگنا
  • زخمی ہونا
  • بہت رنج اٹھانا

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