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kahne kii baat nahii.n

kahne kii baat rah ga.ii

kahne kii baat hai

sirf kahne kii baat hai

tumhaare kahne kii baat hai

qaabuu kii baat nahii.n

dam maarne kii baat nahii.n

kisii baat kii kamii nahii.n

gha.Dii pal kii aas nahii.n kahe kaal kii baat

gha.Dii pal kii aas nahii.n kare kaal kii baat

pal bhar kii aas nahii.n kahii kal kii baat

life is too precarious, the next moment is not ensured, let alone tomorrow, there is no tomorrow

raah raah kii baat kahnaa

dil kii baat kahnaa

pata kii baat kahnaa

man kii baat kahnaa

to share something in the mind or a secret thought, speak one's heart

sar kii baat kahnaa

disclose a secret

laak kii yak baat kahnaa

tuutii kii aavaaz naqqaar KHaane me.n ko.ii nahii.n suntaa

giida.D ke kahne se ber nahii.n pakte

nothing works out in a way one's wishes it to work out

ko.ii baat puuchhtaa nahii.n

baat kahne ko rah ga.ii

kahne ko baat rah ga.ii

baat cha.ndraa ke kahnaa

ghar me.n khaane ko nahii.n, aTaarii par dhuvaa.n

talvaar kaa zaKHm bhar jaataa hai , baat kaa nahii.n bhartaa

ko.ii baat nahii.n

it matters little, never mind

kahne se baat paraa.ii hotii hai, kahne ko mu.nh me.n zabaan rakhte hai.n

baat kaa aashnaa nahii.n

qasam khaane kii baat

ko.ii kisii kaa dard baa.nT nahii.n letaa

kahne ko baat rah jaanaa

jiibh daab ke baat kahnaa

talvaar kaa ghaa.o bhartaa hai baat kaa ghaa.o nahii.n bhartaa

khaane ke gaal, nahaane ke baal chhupe nahii.n rahte

qasam khaane ko baat rahe

laat kaa aadmii baat se nahii.n maantaa

kahne kii baate.n hai.n

daam kaa kaam baat se nahii.n ho jaataa

maar khaane kii baate.n

mehmaan aur buKHaar ko agar khaanaa na do to phir nahii.n aate

laato.n ke dev baato.n se nahii.n maante

laato.n kaa dev baato.n se nahii.n maantaa

vo baat kisii ko bhii nasiib nahii.n

ek baat kaa nahii.n

baat churaa ke kahnaa

baat Dhaal ke kahnaa

abhii ek buu.nT kii do daal nahii.n hu.e hai.n

ye kahne kii baate.n hai.n

sab kahne kii baate.n hai.n

there is no substance in these tales

baat kaa chuukaa aadmii yaa Daal kaa chuukaa bandar phir sa.nbhaltaa nahii.n

A man loses his opportunity as a monkey his hold of the branch of a tree.

kahaanii jaisii jhuuTii nahii.n, baat jaisii miiThii nahii.n

daamo.n kaa ruuThaa baato.n se nahii.n maantaa

laato.n ke bhuut baato.n se nahii.n maante

Spare the rod and spoil the child, a mean person cannot be set right unless he is kicked.

laato.n ke bhuut baato.n se nahii.n siidhe hote

Daal kaa chuukaa bandar, baa.ns kaa chuukaa naT, baat kaa chuukaa aadmii nahii.n sa.nbhaltaa

a word recalling, if things were to be done twice, all would be wise

sub.h kaa bhaTkaa shaam ko ghar aa.e to use bhuulaa nahii.n kahnaa chaahiye

sub.h kaa bhuulaa shaam ko ghar aa.e to use bhuulaa nahii.n kahnaa chaahiye

laat kaa aadmii baato.n se nahii.n mantaa، laato.n ke bhuut baato.n se nahii.n maante

Meaning ofSee meaning kahne kii baat nahii.n in English, Hindi & Urdu

kahne kii baat nahii.n

कहने की बात नहींکَہْنے کی بات نَہِیں

کَہْنے کی بات نَہِیں کے اردو معانی

  • ۔کہنے کے قابل بات نہیں ہے۔ ؎

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kahne kii baat nahii.n

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