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kau.Dii kau.Dii par jaan denaa

kau.Dii kau.Dii par daa.nt rahnaa

kau.Dii kau.Dii jo.Dnaa

save up every penny, save every bit

kau.Dii kau.Dii lenaa

kau.Dii kaa kar denaa

kau.Dii-kau.Dii kaa hisaab denaa


cowrie, small shell (formerly used as a coin), money, wealth, a white speck at the root of a finger-nail, Adam's apple, windpipe, solar plexus, the part of stomach just below the breast-bone, very small sum or amount, sea shell

kau.Dii kau.Dii adaa karnaa

kau.Dii kau.Dii bhiik maa.ngnaa


every penny

kau.Dii kau.Dii ho jaanaa

kau.Dii kau.Dii bhar paanaa

receive in full, be paid every single penny

kau.Dii kau.Dii kaa muhtaaj

kau.Dii raga.Dnaa

kau.Dii kau.Dii ko muhtaaj honaa

To be pinched for every cowrie, to be in great distress, to be reduced to a beggary.

do kau.Dii kii baat kar denaa

disgrace, cause disgrace

kau.Dii phe.nknaa

kisii par jaan denaa

love or adore someone deeply

naam par jaan denaa

be ready to lay down one's life for one's prestige

baat par jaan denaa

jaan kisii par denaa

aan par jaan denaa

kau.Dii Daalnaa

kau.Dii laanaa

kau.Dii kos dau.Dnaa

be very greedy, run a mile for a penny

kau.Dii zaqan maqan

kau.Dii paT pa.Dnaa

kau.Dii chit pa.Dnaa

kau.Dii dukaan maa.ngnaa


shell with a hole in it, bad penny

kau.Dii duukaan maa.ngnaa


bit of money of the lowest value, very small amount of money

Gulaamii kii kau.Dii

kau.Dii zaKHan maKHan

kau.Dii kaa aadmii

mean or worthless person

duur kii kau.Dii

kau.Dii pheraa karnaa

come and go aimlessly or repeatedly

tiin kau.Dii kaa

worthless, having no real value or use

kau.Dii ke mol

kau.Dii kaa puut

kau.Dii ke tiin

kau.Dii pheraa karaanaa

baal baa.ndhii kau.Dii u.Daanaa

taaq me.n kau.Dii phe.nknaa

kau.Dii me.n tiin maze

do ko.Dii kii shaan kar denaa

kaan me.n kau.Dii pahan.naa

kau.Dii na milnaa

kau.Dii na KHarachnaa

kau.Dii daa.nto.n se uThaanaa

daa.nto.n se kau.Dii uThaanaa

duur kii kau.Dii laanaa

hit upon a novel idea

kaan me.n kau.Dii Daalnaa

kau.Dii kaa maal nahii.n

kau.Dii ke do-do biknaa

kau.Dii-kau.Dii ko honaa

kau.Dii ko na puuchhnaa

regard as of no value or unworthy of notice

kau.Dii ke mol biknaa

be sold very cheap

kau.Dii ke kaam kaa

kau.Dii jo.D ke na rakhnaa

Meaning ofSee meaning kau.Dii kau.Dii par jaan denaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

kau.Dii kau.Dii par jaan denaa

कौड़ी कौड़ी पर जान देनाکَوڑی کَوڑی پَر جان دینا


कौड़ी कौड़ी पर जान देना के हिंदी अर्थ


  • बहुत कंजूसी करना, तंगदिल होना

کَوڑی کَوڑی پَر جان دینا کے اردو معانی


  • نہایت کنجوسی کرنا، انتہائی خسیس ہونا

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kau.Dii kau.Dii par jaan denaa

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