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kha.De karnaa

to recover cash

maa'buud kha.De karnaa kha.De karnaa

kaa.nTe kha.De karnaa

ro.ngTe kha.De karnaa

mu'aamalaat kha.De karnaa

ruupe kha.De karnaa

kaan kha.De karnaa

to prick up the ears

paise kha.De karnaa

pahre kha.De karnaa

payaal ke paa.nv kha.De karnaa

la.Daa.ii kha.Dii karnaa

lo.Daa kha.Daa karnaa

bakhe.Daa kha.Daa karnaa

jhag.Daa kha.Daa karnaa

muqaddama kha.Daa karnaa

to institute a suit, to prosecute, to go to law (with), to litigate

diivaar kha.Dii karnaa

create a hurdle

diivaar-e-chiin kha.Dii karnaa

fasaad kha.Daa karnaa

faziihataa kha.Daa karnaa

qissa kha.Daa karnaa

to raise an issue

havvaa kha.Daa karnaa

mazmuun kha.Daa karnaa

rukaavaT kha.Dii karnaa

mahaaz kha.Daa karnaa

conspire, raise agitation

taraazuu kha.Dii karnaa

qanaat kha.Dii karnaa

nishaan kha.Daa karnaa

ruuyaa.n kha.Daa karnaa

kanautiyaa.n kha.Dii karnaa

To prick-up the ears (of a horse or donkey).

'imaarat kha.Dii karnaa

ma.njhaa kha.Daa karnaa

shosha kha.Daa karnaa

shaaKHsaana kha.Daa karnaa

raise a difficulty or obstacle (in the way of), carp or cavil (at), raise an objection (to), create discord

ha.ngaama kha.Daa karnaa

mu'aamala kha.Daa karnaa

phaa.nsii kha.Dii karnaa

tuufaan kha.Daa karnaa

to blame, to accuse

khaT-raag kha.Daa karnaa

ret kii diivaar kha.Dii karnaa

kha.Daa karnaa

baste a dress, bring to a standstill, build, place, station, institute, set up, establish, pitch (a tent), make someone or something stand up, erect, raise, park (a vehicle), stop, stir up, to field (a candidate in election), nominate someone to contest an election

kha.Dii karnaa

namaaz par kha.Daa karnaa

baat kaa bata.nga.D banaa kha.Daa karnaa

ek paa.nv par kha.Daa karnaa

demand total obedience

tuufaan uThaa kha.Daa karnaa

haath kha.De karaanaa

khaTiyaa kha.Dii karnaa

chastise, punish

kanotii kha.Dii karnaa

pick its ears

jot kha.Dii karnaa

Dhachar kha.Daa karnaa

Deraa kha.Daa karnaa

to erect or pitch a tent, to encamp

bhuut kha.Daa karnaa

ThaaT kha.Daa karnaa

hayaa kha.Dii karnaa

DhoDaa kha.Daa karnaa

hisaar kha.Daa karnaa

Dhakoslaa kha.Daa karnaa

raKHna kha.Daa karnaa

put obstacles in the way, create hindrance

haath kha.Daa karnaa

Meaning ofSee meaning kha.De karnaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

kha.De karnaa

खड़े करनाکَھڑے کَرْنا


Root word: kha.De

English meaning of kha.De karnaa

  • to recover cash
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खड़े करना के हिंदी अर्थ

  • नक़द वसूल करना, प्राप्त करना हासिल करना, उठाना, दाम खड़े करना

کَھڑے کَرْنا کے اردو معانی

  • نقد وصول کرنا، حاصل کرنا، اُٹھانا، دام کھڑے کرنا

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kha.De karnaa

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