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machhlii paka.Dne kii Dor

machhlii paka.Dne kaa kaanTaa

machhlii paka.Dnaa

hunting the fish by putting the fishing rod or cords, catching the fish

Dor paka.Dnaa kii machhlii

machhlii kii chha.Dii

machhlii kii tarah ta.Dapnaa

machhlii kii maanind pha.Daknaa

meh.ndii kii machhlii

lo.Daa paka.Dne kii tamiiz na honaa

baazuu kii machhlii

Da.nD kii machhlii

muscle in tendon of the arm

haath paka.Dne kii laaj honaa

machhlii kii tarah loTnaa

toss about like a fish out of water, writhe in agony

apnii daa.nv ko machhlii duusre kii daa.nv ko kaa.nTaa

dahii machhlii kii maTkii

shaitaan kii Dor

spider's web

paa lene kii machhlii aur dene kaa kaa.nTaa

mom kii machhlii

baalii kii machhlii

pendant resembling a fish

raan kii machhlii

baale kii machhlii

kaan kii machhlii

a kind of gold earring which is made in the shape of fish

paa lene kii machhlii aur de lene ke kaa.nTe

sarcastic comment on selfishness

hathelii kii machhlii

haath kii machhlii

machhlii kii siyaahii

miiThe paanii kii machhlii

jal kii machhlii jal hii me.n bhalii

tiran kii machhlii jal hii me.n bhalii

machhlii kaa galpha.Daa

machhlii kaa daa.nt kii tarah zamiin paka.Dnaa

ghar kii raah paka.Dnaa

kuud-kuud machhlii bagule ko khaa.e

machhlii kaa kaa.nTaa

fish bone, fish-hook

machhlii kaa saresh

fish glue

machhlii ke jaa.e kin tairaa.e

machhlii to nahii.n ki sa.D jaayegii

haath paka.Dne vaalaa

lene ko machhlii dene ko kaa.nTaa

lene ko machhlii dene ke kaa.nTe

duur kii kau.Dii

duur kii afvaah

machhlii machhlii khelnaa

machhlii ke bachche ko tairnaa kaun sikhaa.e

ba.Dii duur kii kuttiyaa.n baa.ndhnaa

ba.Dii duur kii guttiyaa.n baa.ndhnaa

'aql-mando.n kii duur balaa

ba.Dii duur kii kau.Dii laanaa

present a far-fetched idea or argument

machhlii ke bachcha ko tairnaa kaun sikhaa.e

kaaGaz-giir machhlii

paper weight in the shape of fish, a small, heavy object in the shape of fish for keeping loose papers in place

duur kii kau.Dii laanaa

hit upon a novel idea

ba.Dii duur kii baat

ba.Dii duur kii suujhnaa

think of something very clever

machhlii ke jaa.e ko tairnaa kaun sikhaa.e

machhlii saa ta.Dapnaa

'aql-mand kii duur balaa

wisdom banishes troubles

'aql-mand kii balaa duur

wisdom banishes troubles, wisdom will soon get you out of trouble


Metaphorically: someone disliked because of his/her bad deeds, scab

Meaning ofSee meaning machhlii paka.Dne kii Dor in English, Hindi & Urdu

machhlii paka.Dne kii Dor

मछ्ली पकड़ने की डोरمَچھْلی پَکَڑنے کی ڈور

مَچھْلی پَکَڑنے کی ڈور کے اردو معانی

اسم، مؤنث

  • مچھلی کے شکار کا کانٹا اور ڈور ، بنسی ۔

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machhlii paka.Dne kii Dor

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