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maze me.n vaqt kaTnaa

maze me.n kaTnaa

vaqt maze me.n guzarnaa

vaqt kaTnaa

for time to be passed in some way or the other

vaqt kaaTe na kaTnaa

for time not to pass at all, or pass time in anxiety

maze me.n guzarnaa

kau.Dii me.n tiin maze

maze me.n aanaa

maze me.n aanaa

maze me.n honaa

karvaTo.n me.n raat kaTnaa

vaqt vaahid me.n

at once

aa.nkho.n-aa.nkho.n me.n kaTnaa

raat mushkil me.n kaTnaa

talKHii me.n kaTnaa

aa.nkho.n me.n raat kaTnaa

raat aa.nkho.n me.n kaTnaa

vaqt kii aa.D me.n

at the pretext of time

a.De vaqt me.n

during the bad times

raat aa.nkho.n aa.nkho.n me.n kaTnaa

ga.e vaqt me.n

ga.e-guzre vaqt me.n

har vaqt paa.ncho.n ghii me.n

vaqt ke dhaare me.n bahnaa

haraam me.n ba.Daa maza hai

bure vaqt me.n kaam aanaa

bure vaqt me.n kamar thaamnaa

vaqt kaaTnaa

pass or beguile the time

zindagii me.n maut kaa maza chakhnaa

for life to become a living hell

jii me.n mazae lenaa

maze hii maze hai.n

kammal me.n doshaale kaa mazaa milnaa

kasrat me.n vahdat kaa mazaa luuTnaa

maze u.Dnaa

maze u.Daanaa

paint the town red, having fun, to celebrate

puraane chaavalo.n me.n mazaa hotaa hai

puraane chaavalo.n me.n mazaa hotaa hai

maze hii maze honaa


with fun, relaxed, without hesitation

maze pa.D jaanaa

maze dekhnaa

maze denaa




secret pleasures

maze-maze kii baate.n

saarii 'umr kaaTh me.n rahe chalte vaqt paa.nv se ga.e


gaa.Dii kaTnaa

take the burden of family or any task upon one's shoulders

to.De kaTnaa

ja.D kaTnaa

jhag.Daa kaTnaa

naa.D kaTnaa

bakhe.Daa kaTnaa

be.Dii kaTnaa

pahaa.D kaTnaa


ga.nd kaTnaa

decreasing sins

maze se guzarnaa

vaqt vaqt kaa

temporal, of or related to an epoch

qalame.n kaTnaa

maze uThnaa

Meaning ofSee meaning maze me.n vaqt kaTnaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

maze me.n vaqt kaTnaa

मज़े में वक़्त कटनाمَزے میں وَقْت کَٹنا


मज़े में वक़्त कटना के हिंदी अर्थ


  • ऐश में बसर होना, ख़ुशहाली से बसर होना

مَزے میں وَقْت کَٹنا کے اردو معانی


  • عیش میں بسر ہونا ، خوشحالی سے بسر ہونا ۔

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maze me.n vaqt kaTnaa

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