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me'raaj tak pahu.nchnaa

ja.D tak pahu.nchnaa

get to the bottom of, discover the real truth or cause of

manzil-e-maqsuud tak pahu.nchnaa

to attain one's purpose

'arsh tak diimaaG pahu.nchnaa

to be excessively proud, to think too highly of oneself

tah tak pahu.nchnaa

duur tak pahu.nchnaa

ghar tak pahu.nchnaa

insult or abuse someone's family

chaaquu haDDii tak pahu.nchnaa

daaman-e-maqsuud tak haath pahu.nchnaa

gard tak na pahu.nchnaa

baat kaan tak pahu.nchnaa

sar aasmaan tak pahu.nchnaa

me'raaj par pahu.nchnaa

darvaaze tak pahu.nchaanaa

qadam tak pahu.nchaanaa

ghar tak pahu.nchaanaa

convince someone

aasmaan tak pahu.nchaanaa

to flatter, wheedle, coax

kaan tak pahu.nchaanaa

jhuuTe ko had tak pahu.nchaanaa

tak me.n tak milaanaa

agree (with), play second fiddle (to)

Tak-Tak karnaa

charaaGo.n tak

Tak baa.ndhnaa

gaze, stare


for a long period

jab tak saaqii, tab tak aas

As long as there is a cup-bearer or protector, there is a hope.

gaza.nd pahu.nchnaa

come to grief, suffer a loss, face a misfortune


duur-duur tak

qiyaamat tak

till doomsday, always, continuous, for a long time, for a long period

pa.Dnaa pahu.nchnaa

jab tak saa.ns tab tak aas

where there is life, there is hope

jab tak jiinaa tab tak siinaa


baachhe.n Tho.Dii tak aanaa



dillii base tak


sar tak baazii la.Daanaa

vaaqi'a pahu.nchnaa

mu.nh tak aanaa

mu.nh tak aanaa

be on the point of being uttered

qadmo.n tak rasaa.ii honaa

vaa'da zubaa.n tak aanaa

to make a promise



till here, till now, so

chor ko ghar tak pahu.nchaanaa

baachhe.n kaano.n tak jaanaa

choTii se e.Dii tak

javaab tak na denaa

labo.n tak aanaa

labo.n tak aanaa

kaano.n tak jaanaa

me'raaj-e-kamaal par pahu.nchnaa

to reach the zenith, to have immense success

qadam pahu.nchnaa

zad pahu.nchnaa

aavaaza pahu.nchnaa

zabaan tak aanaa

halaq tak bharnaa

glut, overfeed oneself, eating and drinking more than hunger

Meaning of me'raaj tak pahu.nchnaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

me'raaj tak pahu.nchnaa

मे'राज तक पहुँचनाمِعْراج تَک پَہُنْچنا

Critique us (me'raaj tak pahu.nchnaa)





मे'राज तक पहुँचना के हिंदी अर्थ


  • इंतिहाई उरूज या तरक़्क़ी तक पहुंचना, आला दर्जे तक पहुंचना

مِعْراج تَک پَہُنْچنا کے اردو معانی


  • انتہائی عروج یا ترقی تک پہنچنا ، اعلیٰ درجے تک پہنچنا ۔

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