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mu.nh aa.iina me.n dekhnaa

girebaa.n me.n mu.nh Daal kar dekhnaa

apne girebaan me.n mu.nh Daal kar dekhnaa

mu.nh dekhnaa

expect favour from someone, staring with amazement

mu.nh dekhnaa

to see one's face (in a glass), to look at the face (of), to look about idly, to stare at in astonishment or helplessness, to look to (one, for aid), to depend (on), to have a regard (for one)

dene vaalo.n kaa mu.nh dekhnaa

mu.nh na dekhnaa

not to look at, not to care about, be sick of, shun

mu.nh na dekhnaa

roz-e-bad kaa mu.nh dekhnaa

davaa kaa mu.nh na dekhnaa

mu.nh me.n aanaa

come to one's lips, (words) about to be uttered

mu.nh me.n aanaa

aa.iine me.n mu.nh to dekho

mu.nh me.n kaf aanaa

mu.nh me.n aanaa

mular mular mu.nh dekhnaa

look innocently, look helplessly

naakaamii kaa mu.nh dekhnaa

teraa meraa mu.nh dekhnaa

to keeping eyes on someone's shoulder

sote jaagte mu.nh dekhnaa

look (at someone) with hope

aasmaan kaa mu.nh dekhnaa

sote jaagte mu.nh dekhnaa

mu.nh me.n kaf bhar aanaa

mu.nh me.n buu aanaa

mu.nh pher kar na dekhnaa

mu.nh me.n jhaag aanaa

mu.nh me.n aab aanaa

mu.nh me.n bo aanaa

mu.nh pher kar na dekhnaa

yaad me.n dekhnaa

subh uTh kar mu.nh dekhnaa

KHvaab me.n dekhnaa

so uTh ke mu.nh dekhnaa

mu.nh me.n paanii bhar aanaa

drool, mouth to water

mu.nh me.n paanii bhar aanaa

maut ke mu.nh me.n aanaa

mu.nh me.n paanii bhar aanaa

be greedy, covet

'aalam-e-KHvaab me.n dekhnaa

paanii mu.nh me.n bhar aanaa

mu.nh me.n paanii bharaa aanaa

mu.nh me.n paanii DubDubaa aanaa

mu.nh me.n raal bhar aanaa

aa.iina dekhnaa

yaad me.n na dekhnaa

KHvaab me.n na dekhnaa

jho.npa.Dii me.n mahlo.n ke KHvaab dekhnaa

jhopa.De me.n mahal kaa KHvaab dekhnaa

maa'naa KHez andaar me.n dekhnaa

muu.nh me.n paanii bhar aanaa

sapne me.n dekhnaa

mu.nh hii mu.nh me.n ba.Dba.Daanaa

mu.nh hii mu.nh me.n pa.Dhnaa

mu.nh me.n pa.Dnaa

become talk of the town

mu.nh me.n pa.Dhnaa

mumble, read or recite inaudibly

mu.nh me.n pa.Dnaa

mu.nh me.n pa.Dhnaa

jho.npa.Do.n me.n rahnaa mahlo.n ke KHvaab dekhnaa

mu.nh hii mu.nh me.n

mu.nh hii mu.nh me.n

girebaa.n me.n jhaa.nk kar dekhnaa

jho.npa.De me.n baiTh ke mahlo.n ke KHvaab dekhnaa

Meaning ofSee meaning mu.nh aa.iina me.n dekhnaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

mu.nh aa.iina me.n dekhnaa

मुँह आईना में देखनाمُن٘ہ آئِینَہ میں دیکھنا


मुँह आईना में देखना के हिंदी अर्थ

  • अपनी हालत या हैसियत पर नज़र करना, अपनी कममायगी पर शर्मिंदा होना

مُن٘ہ آئِینَہ میں دیکھنا کے اردو معانی

  • اپنی حالت یا حیثیت پر نظر کرنا ، اپنی کم مایگی پر شرمندہ ہونا ۔

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mu.nh aa.iina me.n dekhnaa

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