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naak kaa baa.nsaa

the bridge of the nose

naak kaa baa.nsaa Dhalnaa

naak kaa baa.nsaa phirnaa

ga.nvaar kaa haa.nsaa to.D de baa.nsaa

naak kaa chhed

naak rag.De kaa bachcha


bridge of the nose

naak kaa gajvaa

naak kaa boraa

naak kaa baal

a favourite person, one who has influence over another

naak kaa tinkaa

naak kaa chuuhaa

baa.nsaa phirnaa

baa.nsaa Dhalnaa



naak idhar ki naak udhar

change either way would make little difference


naak choTii kaa Dar honaa

naak na kaan naath baaliyo.n kaa armaan

naak kii medh

naak kii siidh me.n

just in front, in straight line following the nose

naak kii siidh

naak raga.Dvaanaa

naak kii

naak to.Dnaa

beat severely

naak jhaa.Dnaa

naak kaaT ke niibuu nicho.D denaa

naak kii kurrii

mom kii naak ban.naa

naak sa.Dnaa

naak rag.Daanaa

naak cha.Dhnaa

naak suke.Dnaa

naak cha.Dhaanaa

naak sa.Dsa.Daanaa

naak bhi.Daanaa

naak siko.Dnaa

naak raga.Dnaa

naak cha.Dhaa

proud, vain, conceited

naak su.Daknaa

naak kii makkhii tak na u.Daanaa

be slothful

naak bii.ndhnaa

pierce or bore the nose


the one who create distraction, discomfort, nervousness, and restlessness, fearful, scary

mom kii naak

fickle or gullible person




added to verbal roots and nouns to form adjective of quality, effected, inflamed (with), full (of), laden (with), honour, dignity, pride, prominent person or thing, nose

naak bhave.n cha.Dhaanaa

naak bha.nve.n cha.Dhaanaa



terrifying, frightful, dreadful, frenzied

naak chhednaa

bore the nose, nose piercing, making small hole in nose


causing anxiety or fear, causing apprehension, alarming

mom kii naak jidhar chaaho mo.D lo

naak bhau.n cha.Dhaanaa

ba.Dii naak vaalaa


naak bhau.n cha.Dyaanaa

naak u.Daa denaa

naak bhau.o.n cha.Dhaanaa

Meaning ofSee meaning naak kaa baa.nsaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

naak kaa baa.nsaa

नाक का बाँसाناک کا بانْسا

English meaning of naak kaa baa.nsaa

Noun, Masculine

  • the bridge of the nose

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ناک کا بانْسا کے اردو معانی

اسم، مذکر

  • دونوں نتھنوں کے درمیان کی ہڈی ۔
  • ۔ مذکر۔ دونوں نتھنوں کے بیچ کی دیوار۔

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naak kaa baa.nsaa

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