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kas cha.Dnaa

ranDii kis kii joruu , bha.Dvaa kis kaa saalaa

kis jo.D to.D me.n ho

kis patthr se sar pho.De.n

whom should we complain to? nobody is there to listen (to our grievances)

kis jo.D to.D me.n phirte ho

kis shumaar-o-qataar me.n hai

it has no standing, it is worthless

jhaa.Duu kash


vo kis shumaar-o-qataar me.n hai

kis mu.nh se kosuu.n

kis qataar me.n

kis nii.nd sulaayaa

shero.n kaa mu.nh kis ne dhoyaa

humorously spoken when someone starts eating after waking up without washing up

kis shumaar me.n

kis vaqt

when?, at what time?

kis kii rahii aur kis kii rah jaa.e

kis kii rahii aur kis kii rah jaa.egii

sahar kis kaa mu.nh dekhaa

some thinks that if we wake up in the morning and see the face of a lucky person, all the work gets done correct-fully and if you see the miser or the unfortunate, then all the work gets spoiled

kis dard kii davaa hai


how much? to what extent?

ye kis maraz kii davaa hai.n


tongue, language of Qais, Majnun


funnel (of a steamship)

kis marz kii davaa hai

is useless, is good-for-nothing

kas na aayada ba uftaada



A sweeper۔


the man who climbs palmyra trees to extract juice or toddy from them

kis chi.Diyaa kaa naam hai

know/knows nothing of this

ga.ngaa kis kii khudaa.ii hai


devoted, faithful, devotee, votary

kamar kas kar baa.ndhnaa

kamar kas ke baa.ndhnaa

resolve on an undertaking, resolutely prepare

naav kis ne Dubo.ii KHvaaja KHizr ne


all and sundry, everybody, great and small, noble and commoner, all and sundry, everybody

kas dekhnaa

kas denaa

to tie up, tighten

kes denaa

kas dikhaanaa

kis vaaste


bolte kii zabaan kis ne pak.Dii hai

none can stop a person from criticizing or calling bad names

paadshaaho.n aur dariyaa.o.n kaa pher kis ne paayaa

kis dhaan kaa chaa.nval hai

kis ke kaan me.n farishte ne nahii.n phuu.nkaa

kis zabaan se taa'riif ho

kis nii.nd soyaa hai

kis nii.nd sotaa hai

kis zabaan se shukr adaa ho

ja.ngal me.n mor naachaa kis ne dekhaa

the householders cannot joyed of doing big things in foreign countries, it is called when someone spends his money in a foreign country and his people are not benefited from it

dekhi.e kis kal ya karvaT uu.nT baiThe

Let us see how the wind blows.



kis havaa me.n hai

why is he/ she so vain (when he/ she has no standing)?

talvaar me.n kas honaa

ho kis havaa me.n

sub.h kis kaa mu.nh dekhaa thaa

what an inauspicious day!

KHudaa jaane uu.nT kis karvaT baiThe

kis balaa se paalaa pa.Daa hai


truthful, honest, sincere

Meaning ofSee meaning nafsiyaatii-kes in English, Hindi & Urdu


नफ़सियाती-केसنَفسِیاتی کیس

Origin: English

नफ़सियाती-केस के हिंदी अर्थ

संज्ञा, पुल्लिंग

  • ज़हनी मरीज़, तहलील नफ़्सी के क़ाबिल आदमी, नफ़्सियाती रोगी

Disclaimer: This is Beta version of Rekhta Dictionary undergoing final testing before its official release. In case of any discrepancy, please write to us at or Critique us

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