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nahii.n to nahii.n


if not, then, otherwise, else

jaan nahii.n to jahaan nahii.n

ye to nahii.n

not like this, not such

aur nahii.n to

of course, what else? and otherwise

karo to savaab nahii.n, na karo to 'azaab nahii.n

rozii nahii.n to roza to nahii.n khaa.ii

are you in your senses?

banii to bhaa.ii nahii.n to dushmanaa.ii

aa.ii to nosh nahii.n to faraamosh

content whatever the circumstances

lagii to rozii, nahii.n to roza

base to guujar , nahii.n to uuja.D

aayaa to nosh nahii.n to faraamosh

If it comes it is eaten, if not, it is forgotten

bujhnaa to rozii , nahii.n to roza

kambaKHtii to nahii.n aa.ii

ruupayaa to shaiKH, nahii.n to julaahaa

ruupaya to shaiKH, nahii.n to julaahaa

aur kuchh nahii.n to

(this or then) if nothing else

gilahrii pe.Daa to nahii.n maa.ngtii

aa.ii rozii nahii.n to roza

aa.ii to ramaa.ii nahii.n to faqat chaarpaa.ii

aayaa to nosh nahii.n faraamosh

aur nahii.n to kyaa

of course! this and nothing else!

itne to nahii.n ho

kaaTo to KHuun nahii.n

maano to dev nahii.n to bhe.nT kaaliyo

maano to devtaa nahii.n maano to patthar

maano to devii nahii.n maano to patthar

sar to nahii.n phiraa

sar to nahii.n kujhaataa

lagaa to tiir nahii.n to tukkaa

it is worth an attempt, whatever the outcome

maano to dev nahii.n to bhet kaaliyo

billii khaa.egii nahii.n to phailaa.egii

some people can only damage

bajii to bajaa.ii nahii.n to.D khaa.ii

said of a person who does not let go anything waste and uses it somehow

yahaa.n kachh naal to nahii.n ga.Dii

yahaa.n kachh naal to nahii.n ga.Daa

prajaa nahii.n to raaja kahaa.n

there is no ruler if subject not exist

ghar se la.Dkar to nahii.n chale

pa.Dhe to hai.n par gune.n nahii.n

aayaa to nosh nahii.n varna KHaamosh

banii to banii, nahii.n to daa.uud KHaa.n panii

billii khaa.egii nahii.n to phailaa.egii zuruur

machhlii to nahii.n ki sa.D jaayegii

ye to kuchh baat nahii.n

this is not done!

lag gayaa to tiir nahii.n to tukkaa

apnii to ye deh bhii nahii.n

vo nahii.n to us kaa bhaa.ii

if not him then someone like him

kuchh shaamat to aa.ii nahii.n hai

bhaa.ii to khaa.ii nahii.n chhii.nke dhar uThaa.ii

mu.nh par aa.ii to nahii.n ruktii

kahe to kahe nahii.n jaataa, kahe bin rahe nahii.n jaataa

kuuTo to chuunaa, nahii.n to KHaak se duunaa

kambaKHtii ne to nahii.n gheraa

TuuTii hai to kisii se ju.Dii nahii.n aur ju.Dii hai to ko.ii to.D saktaa nahii.n

pa.Dho to pa.Dho nahii.n pinjaraa KHaalii karo

khaat pa.De to khet nahii.n to ret kaa ret

yahaa.n kuchh maal to nahii.n ga.Daa hai

mehr to hai par duudh nahii.n

use to dhonii bhii nahii.n aatii

kaatnaa to aataa nahii.n poniyaa.n to banaane lagii

Meaning ofSee meaning nahii.n to nahii.n in English, Hindi & Urdu

nahii.n to nahii.n

नहीं तो नहींنَہِیں تو نَہِیں


नहीं तो नहीं के हिंदी अर्थ

  • इनकार सही, नहीं सही, कुछ डर नहीं, क्या डर है

نَہِیں تو نَہِیں کے اردو معانی

  • انکار سہی ، نہیں سہی ، کچھ ڈر نہیں ، کیا ڈر ہے ۔

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nahii.n to nahii.n

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