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niyyat men KHatra jholii men pathraa

KHatre men pa.Dnaa

to fall in trouble, be afflicted

KHatre men kuud pa.Dnaa


mulaazamat KHatre men pa.Dnaa

fear of losing a job

bu.Dhiyaa kii shaadii men sau KHatre

risky task is fraught with pitfalls

KHatre men na laanaa

(Colloquial) to allow to enter the mind, to think of, give a thought to, to regard, mind, care for, attend to (generally used negatively, Khatir men na lana)

saKHt KHatre men

in peril (of)

faqiir kii jholii me.n sab kuchh

niyyat me.n Te.Dh honaa

niyyat me.n farq aanaa

suddenly have an evil intention

niyyat me.n farq aanaa

niyyat me.n fasaad aanaa

niyyat me.n futuur aanaa

niyyat me.n futuur honaa

KHatre me.n Daalnaa

endanger, risk, expose to danger, imperil

niyyat me.n khoT aanaa

niyyat me.n KHalal honaa

niyyat me.n khoT honaa

niyyat me.n KHaamii honaa

jaan ko KHatre me.n Daalnaa

shauq men zauq dastuurii men la.Dkaa

Dha.nDoraa shahr men la.Dkaa baGal men

to miss something right under one's nose, the butcher looked for the knife, when he had it in his mouth

baGal men bachcha shahr men Dha.nDoraa

do men tiisraa aankh men kankraa

god men la.Dka shahr men Dha.nDora

la.Dka baGal men Dha.nDora nagar men

dil men shauq charraanaa

nazaron men samaanaa

look good to eyes

nazron men phirnaa

remember all the time, be always in imagination

nazar men aanaa

be seen

nazaon men jachnaa

be liked or approved, look good or nice

jul men pha.nsaanaa

to deceive

maa'riz-e-KHatar men pa.Dnaa


in, within, among, between, at


to turn into stone

jumbish men aanaa

get into a state of motion or action, become active, be stirred up, be roused or be excited

muflisii men shauq nibaahnaa

celebration in penury, do something ostentatious even when unable to afford it

KHatra guzarnaa

'ahd men

in the reign

jumbish men honaa

nazron hii nazron men

by exchange of looks, just in front, face to face

maa'riz-e-KHatar men Daalnaa

to endangered, to jeopardized

maa'riz-e-KHatar men honaa

be in danger, be jeopardized

pathraa denaa

make motionless, stone

din men taare dikhaa.ii denaa

see stars, light to flash before the eyes, especially as a result of a blow on the head, be unpleasantly surprised, be caught unawares, be shocked

KHatra raf' karnaa

ward off a danger

zauq men shauq

it is said at the time of when something for free with something else

jaan dhukdhukii men aTaknaa

jigar men tairnaa

jul men aanaa

be entrapped, be deceived


(Politics) the power or alleged power of Asiatic peoples, esp the Chinese, to threaten or destroy the supremacy of White or Western civilization, yellow peril

jholii jho.Dnaa

nazaron men KHaar honaa

be an eyesore

jonk patthar men lagna

to get something done through a highly unlikely and unexpected avenue like through a cruel, miserly or unaffectionate person

behtar honaa kaar-kardagii men


kya shaan men jufte pa.D jaa.enge

to have (one's) reputation or character sullied

kenchulii men aanaa

to be about to put on new slough (a snake)

qaaruura men bhaale nazar aanaa

to ive importance to ordinary matter

diide pathraa jaanaa

putliyaa.n pathraa jaanaa

Meaning ofSee meaning niyyat men KHatra jholii men pathraa in English, Hindi & Urdu

niyyat men KHatra jholii men pathraa

निय्यत में ख़तरा झोली में पथराنِیَّت میں خَطْرَہ جھُوْلِی میں پَتھرا


निय्यत में ख़तरा झोली में पथरा के हिंदी अर्थ


  • अगर नीय्यत ख़राब हो जाए तो पैसे में बरकत नहीं रहती

نِیَّت میں خَطْرَہ جھُوْلِی میں پَتھرا کے اردو معانی


  • اگر نیت خراب ہو جائے تو پیسے میں برکت نہیں رہتی

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niyyat men KHatra jholii men pathraa

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