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pahle luqme me.n baal aayaa

pahle ghar me.n to piichhe masjid me.n

pahle ghar me.n phir masjid me.n

charity begins at home

luqme to.Dnaa

mujh me.n aayaa

mujh me.n aayaa

dil me.n kuchh na aayaa



chiinii me.n baal pa.Dnaa

daa'vat ke luqme

luqme lagaanaa

aa.iine me.n baal Daalnaa

shiishe me.n baal aanaa

dil muTThii me.n aayaa sab kuchh paayaa

baal dhuup me.n safed karnaa

be ignorant in spite of age

dhuup me.n baal safed honaa

become gray-headed without gaining experience or wisdom, pass one's life in ignorance

kaun sii hadiis me.n aayaa hai

tuu chal mai.n aayaa

saaGar me.n baal rahnaa

talvaar me.n baal honaa

makkhan me.n se baal nikaalnaa

sar me.n baal honaa

be able to endure, having strength to bear harm, loss or great expenses, (usually used in the negative meaning)

kuchh 'arsa pahle

jis kii maa.n jalegii uskii jaa.ii pahle jalegii

maut se pahle chho.Dnaa

sar me.n baal nahii.n bhaal se la.Daa.ii


for the first time, in the beginning

kyaa dhuup me.n baal safed kiye hai.n

ba.Daa aayaa

remark in response to dominating attitude

paanii se pahle paa.D baa.ndhnaa


first, firstly,foremost, prior, previously, formerly, at one time, at first, in the first instance first of all

aa.nkh me.n suvar kaa baal honaa

be ungrateful, ingrate, inconsiderate, faithless

baa.D pahle hii baa.ndhnii chaahiye

pahle hii

jo pahle bole vahii baadshaah

ye aayaa vo aayaa


first face


before noon, antemeridian

ba.Daa bol na bole ba.Daa luqma na khaa.e

aayaa aadmii aayaa rizq gayaa aadmii gayaa rizq

pahle tum piichhe aur

pahle pahal karnaa

pahle hii se

from the very beginning, in advance, before time

pahle se sonaa

pahle se sunaa

pahle aap piichhe baap

self comes first

le ke diyaa kamaa ke khaayaa aisii taisii jagat me.n aayaa

u.D bha.nbhiirii saavan aayaa

lucky days have come

luqma to.Dnaa

aa.e kaa aayaa

aayaa ba.Daa kahii.n kaa

pahle se chhaTii ke dhaan kuuTnaa

aayaa hosh jaanaa

pahle chuume gaal kaaTaa

jitnaa pahle utnaa jhuke

pahle ghar tab baahar

kidhar aayaa kidhar gayaa


narrowly, very narrow or close, by hair's breadth

pahle apnii hii daa.Dhii kii aag bujhaa.ii jaatii hai

aayaa gayaa

over and done with, finished

Meaning of pahle luqme me.n baal aayaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

pahle luqme me.n baal aayaa

पहले लुक़्मे में बाल आयाپَہْلے لُقْمے میں بال آیا

Critique us (pahle luqme me.n baal aayaa)





पहले लुक़्मे में बाल आया के हिंदी अर्थ


  • इबतिदा ही ख़राब हुई

پَہْلے لُقْمے میں بال آیا کے اردو معانی


  • ابتدا ہی خراب ہوئی.

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