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pahle se sonaa

pahle se sunaa

maut se pahle chho.Dnaa

paanii se pahle paa.D baa.ndhnaa

pahle hii se

from the very beginning, in advance, before time

pahle se chhaTii ke dhaan kuuTnaa

fauran se pahle

guruu se pahle chelaa maar khaa.e

maut se pahle mar jaanaa

murdo.n se shart baa.ndh kar sonaa

sleep like the dead, sleep soundly

miTTii me.n se sonaa nikaalnaa

khaane ko sab se pahle maujuud kaam ke naam muut

bhaT pa.De sonaa jis se TuuTe kaan

phaT pa.De vo sonaa jas se TuuTe.n kaan

curse on the gold that causes pain, it's no use having something harmful even though beneficial apparently

mu.nh se sun.naa


already, from early on, formerly

aa.nkho.n se dekhaa na kaano.n se sunaa

gosh-e-jaa.n se sun.naa

to listen with relish

gosh-hosh se sun.naa

kuchh 'arsa pahle

mu.nh se sun.naa

paa.nv phailaa kar sonaa


for the first time, in the beginning

mu.nh se baat sun.naa


first, firstly,foremost, prior, previously, formerly, at one time, at first, in the first instance first of all

aa.nkh se dekhaa na kaan se sunaa

baa.D pahle hii baa.ndhnii chaahiye

pahle hii

jii se sun.naa

jo pahle bole vahii baadshaah

sonaa jaane kasne se aadmii jaane basne se

mu.nh se sunaa chaahte ho

dil ke kaano.n se sun.naa


first face

mu.nh se baat sun.naa


before noon, antemeridian

mu.nh se sunaa chaahte ho

pahle luqme me.n baal aayaa

pahle tum piichhe aur

pahle pahal karnaa

pahle aap piichhe baap

self comes first

pair phailaa kar sonaa

be wholly at ease, have no worry, sleep well

pahle ghar me.n to piichhe masjid me.n

Taa.nge.n phailaa ke sonaa

pahle chuume gaal kaaTaa

jitnaa pahle utnaa jhuke

pahle ghar tab baahar

pahle ghar me.n phir masjid me.n

charity begins at home

alif se be na sun.naa

not to listen or tolerate

pahle apnii hii daa.Dhii kii aag bujhaa.ii jaatii hai

jo pahle maare vahii miir hai

sonaa cha.Dhvaanaa

sonaa cha.Dhaanaa


gold, bullion, golden ray of sun, sunlight, riches, wealth, thing of real and unalterable value, something very beneficial (esp. for health), very noble person

shaane se shaana bhi.Dnaa

sonaa cha.Dhnaa

khaane ko pahle nahaane ko piichhe

shaane se shaana bha.Daanaa

jis kii maa.n jalegii uskii jaa.ii pahle jalegii

rufaqaa se pahluu

Meaning of pahle se sonaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

pahle se sonaa

पहले से सोनाپَہْلے سے سونا

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पहले से सोना के हिंदी अर्थ


  • वक़्त पर बेख़बर होना, वक़्त पर ग़ाफ़िल होना

پَہْلے سے سونا کے اردو معانی


  • وقت پر بے خبر ہونا، وقت پر غافل ہونا .

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