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firelock, musket


firelock, musket

kallaa to.D javaab

crushing reply

kallaa jab.Daa

chick, jowl, Metaphorically: face, gesture

kallaa to.Dnaa

to slap on face, to defeat

kallaa-ba-kallaa la.Dnaa

fight face to face, fight on equal footing

kallaa par kalaa cha.Dhnaa


no, never, absolutely not!

kallaa-ba-kallaa javaab denaa

kallaa dabaanaa

to stop speaking, don't let others talk, suppress one's voice



kallaa taaza karnaa

pa.De.n patthar

patthar pa.De.n

(curse) may it be ruined! may it be crushed under stone!

pa.D jaa.e.n patthar

kallaa karnaa

gargle, rinse the mouth

kallaa phuulnaa

kallaa phulaanaa

filling chicks with air, Metaphorically: filling chicks with anger or frustration, be egoist

kallaa maarnaa

patthar udhe.Dnaa

'aql par patthar pa.De.n

kallaa pasaarnaa

'aql par patthar pa.Dnaa

lose one's sense

muqaddar par patthar pa.Dnaa

to be unlucky, bad luck

yaad har patthar pa.De.n


pa.Dh patthar hu.e

kallaa garm karnaa

to eat something


cabbage, a dwarf-cabbage

patthar lu.Dkaanaa

patthar pa.Dnaa

be impervious, be ruined, to fall into a misfortune, be successful, to hall

patthar ka.Dkaanaa

patthar u.Daanaa

patthar gha.Dnaa

patthar phaa.Dnaa

patthar nicho.Dnaa

expect mercy from a cruel person or benevolence from a miser

yaad par patthar pa.Dnaa

maqsuum par patthar pa.Dnaa

tapa.nche par patthar cha.Dhnaa

kallaa garm honaa

kallaa na lagnaa

not to have an advantage

samajh par patthar pa.De.n

nasiibo.n par patthar pa.Dnaa

nazar patthar ko to.D detii hai



stone cutter, stonemason

patthar kaa kii.Daa



talvaar ko patthar se raga.Dnaa

pa.Dh patthar hu.aa

did not learn anything

ba.Daa patthar hai

ba.De ghar pa.De patthar Dho Dho mare

kallaa chale sattar balaa Tale

laa'l ko patthar se pho.Dnaa

patthar kaa javaab patthar

bhaarii patthar chuum kar chho.D denaa

withdraw from a difficult undertaking

niThalaa baniyaa patthar to.De

samajh par patthar pa.Dnaa

be unable to understand, lose sense

Meaning ofSee meaning patthar-kallaa in English, Hindi & Urdu


पत्थर-कल्लाپَتَّھر کَلّا

Also Read As - patthar-kalaa

Origin: Hindi

English meaning of patthar-kallaa

Noun, Feminine

  • firelock, musket
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पत्थर-कल्ला के हिंदी अर्थ

संज्ञा, स्त्रीलिंग

  • (सैन्य) पुरानी चाल की एक तरह की बंदक जिसमें लगे हुए चकमक पत्थर की सहायता से रगड़ उत्पन्न कर उसमें का बारूद जलाया जाता था, चकमक बंदूक़, तोड़ेदार बंदूक़

پَتَّھر کَلّا کے اردو معانی

اسم، مؤنث

  • (ساپہ گری) چقماقی بندوق، قدیم ساخت کی سنگ چقماق سے چلائی جانے والی بندوق، وہ بندوق جس میں داغنے کے لئے چقماق لگا ہو، توڑے دار بندوق

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