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peT me.n Tuk.Daa Daalnaa

peT me.n Daalnaa

advise, counsel

peT me.n bal Daalnaa

ha.nsaa-ha.nsaa ke peT me.n bal Daalnaa

peT ko Tuk.Daa na tan ko chiith.Daa

daastaan me.n Tuk.Daa lagaanaa

daastaan me.n Tuk.Daa lagaa denaa

peT Daalnaa

have a miscarriage, thrash soundly

nahaarii me.n namde kaa Tuk.Daa

peT me.n chuuhe chhuuTnaa, peT me.n chuuhe dau.Dnaa

peT me.n pa.Dnaa

become pregnant, food to get into the stomach

peT me.n giida.Diyaa.n dau.Dnaa

to be very hungry, feeling very hungry

Tuk.Daa saa to.D ke haath me.n de denaa

peT me.n gho.De dau.Dnaa

rizq peT me.n pa.Dnaa

peT me.n daa.Dii honaa

daa.Dhii peT me.n honaa

be precocious

peT me.n chuuhe dau.Dnaa

peT me.n roTii pa.Dnaa

have bread in the belly

peT me.n paanii pa.Dnaa

peT me.n khalbalii pa.Dnaa

peT me.n bal pa.Dnaa

be convulsed with laughter, have a twisting pain in stomach due to hunger

zar baft ke libaas me.n TaaT kaa Tuk.Daa

peT me.n ga.Dba.D honaa

peT me.n ga.Dba.Daa honaa

peT me.n aa.D honaa

(of children) have bellyache due to constipation

Daa.Dhii peT me.n honaa

peT me.n Daa.Dhii honaa

be precocious, show certain signs of cleverness at an early age (said of a clever boy)

peT me.n aa.D honaa

Take kii nahaarii me.n TaaT kaa Tuk.Daa

peT me.n qaraaqur

rumbling of the stomach

chaar harf peT me.n pa.Dnaa

peT me.n paa.nv phailaanaa

peT me.n paa.nv honaa

be very sly

paa.nv peT me.n honaa

paa.nv peT me.n honaa

be naughtier than usual, be more wicked than appear

peT me.n paanii pa.D jaanaa

peT me.n piTThuu

an imaginary player in a children's game

peT me.n ga.Dba.D

stomach upset, indigestion

peT me.n bal pa.D pa.D jaanaa

dha.D me.n Daalnaa

jhag.Do.n me.n Daalnaa

peT me.n paa.nv pasaarnaa

peT me.n pa.De to 'ibaadat suujhe

mu.nh lagnii dogan peT me.n

peT me.n gudgudii uThnaa

mukh me.n raam , peT me.n chhurii

bhaa.D me.n Daalnaa

jhag.De me.n Daalnaa

bakhe.De me.n Daalnaa

peT me.n chuuho.n kii ghu.D dau.D honaa

peT me.n aazaar honaa

peT me.n aazaar honaa

peT me.n qaraaqar honaa

peT me.n pa.Dii buu.nd naam rakhaa mahmuud

paa.nv me.n be.Dii Daalnaa

dozaKH me.n Daalnaa

qaid me.n Daalnaa

Gazab me.n Daalnaa

peT me.n chuuho.n kii gho.D zor honaa

Meaning ofSee meaning peT me.n Tuk.Daa Daalnaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

peT me.n Tuk.Daa Daalnaa

पेट में टुकड़ा डालनाپیٹ میں ٹُکْڑا ڈالْنا


पेट में टुकड़ा डालना के हिंदी अर्थ

  • ۔(ओ) खाना देना। खाने पीने की कफ़ालत करना। रोटी देना। (फ़िक़रा) रजब सका पानी भुरभुरा बाल बच्चों के पेट में टुकड़ा डाल देता था
  • खाना देना, खाने पीने की कफ़ालत करना

پیٹ میں ٹُکْڑا ڈالْنا کے اردو معانی

  • ۔(عو) کھانا دینا۔ کھانے پینے کی کفالت کرنا۔ روٹی دینا۔ (فقرہ) رجب سقہ پانی بھربھرا بال بچوں کے پیٹ میں ٹکڑا ڈال دیتا تھا۔
  • کھانا دینا ، کھانے پینے کی کفالت کرنا.

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peT me.n Tuk.Daa Daalnaa

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