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Taa.nge.n phailaa ke sonaa

Taa.nge.n pasaar ke sonaa

to sleep deeply, sleep without worry, having a deep, untroubled sleep

paa.nv phailaa kar sonaa

Taa.nge.n pasaar kar sonaa

To slumber, to sleep comfortably.

pair phailaa kar sonaa

be wholly at ease, have no worry, sleep well

haath phailaa ke gi.Dgi.Daanaa

haath phailaa ke du'aa.e.n denaa

haath phailaa-phailaa ke kosnaa

Taa.nge.n to.Dnaa

mu.nh pher ke sonaa

dupaTTaa taan ke sonaa

sleep peacefully or with a mind at ease, sleep deeply without interruption


legs pasaar ke sonaa


phailaa pa.Dnaa

be extremely fond of, become restless

a.ngaaro.n ke bistar par sonaa

be extremely restless, be in great pain, burn with jealousy or rage

murde kii nii.nd sonaa

to sleep very carelessly, to sleep unconsciously

Gaflat kii nii.nd sonaa

to sleep real deep


expanded, increasing, spread

godii phailaa phailaa kar du'aa denaa

give blessings from one's bottom of the heart

qayaamat kii nii.nd sonaa

hameshagii kii nii.nd sonaa

sonaa le ke miTTii na denaa

maut kii nii.nd sonaa

qismat kaa sonaa

phailaa denaa

enlarge, scatter, spread

sukh kii nii.nd sonaa

be relaxed and contented, have a sound sleep

kal kii nii.nd sonaa

Taa.nge.n lenaa

ruupe kaa sonaa das ruupe kii gha.Daavan

Taa.nge.n siidhii karnaa

To stretch one's legs, to take some rest. me.n Taa.nge.n honaa

sonaa anaa.Dii kaa baara baanii

Taa.nge.n to.D kar baiThnaa

par phailaa kar u.Dnaa

Taa.nge.n phailaanaa

Taa.nge.n uThaanaa

get one's leg over, have sexual intercourse

Taa.nge.n TuuTnaa

be very tired

phailaa jaanaa

Taa.nge.n rah jaanaa

be too tired to walk any further

baaraa baan kaa sonaa

paa.nv phailaa kar baiThnaa

kaa Taapuu me.n jaa sonaa

dil ke kaano.n se sun.naa

sunaa ke kahnaa

pahle se sonaa

aa.nkh phailaa kar dekhnaa

godii phailaa kar du'aa maa.ngnaa

god phailaa kar kosnaa

sonaa cha.Dhvaanaa

sonaa cha.Dhaanaa


gold, bullion, golden ray of sun, sunlight, riches, wealth, thing of real and unalterable value, something very beneficial (esp. for health), very noble person

saarii saahibii aur guj kaa sonaa

sonaa cha.Dhnaa

muqaddar sonaa

haath phailaa kar maa.ngnaa

Taa.nge.n shal ho jaanaa

nasaa jaal phailaa rakhnaa

sonaa tezaabii

pure gold

abadii nii.nd sonaa


Meaning of Taa.nge.n phailaa ke sonaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

Taa.nge.n phailaa ke sonaa

टाँगें फैला के सोनाٹان٘گیں پَھیلا کے سونا

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टाँगें फैला के सोना के हिंदी अर्थ


  • आराम से बे जिक्र हो कर सोना

ٹان٘گیں پَھیلا کے سونا کے اردو معانی


  • آرام سے بے جکر ہو کر سونا .

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