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talvaar kaa ghaaT se pa.Dnaa

the sword from where it begins to turn

talvaar kaa ghaaT

niyaam se talvaar ugalii pa.Dnaa

niyaam se talvaar niklii pa.Dnaa

talvaar miyaan se niklii pa.Dnaa

talvaar ke ghaaT utarnaa

talvaar ke ghaaT utaarnaa

to kill with the sword, to slay, to murder

talvaar kaa dono.n baago.n se kasnaa

the sword made with high quality of metal

talvaar ke ghaaT utar jaanaa

talvaar pa.Dnaa

a trick to face sword playing

ghaat me.n pa.Dnaa

talvaar ko patthar se raga.Dnaa

talvaar paT pa.Dnaa

the attack of sword will goes empty, to goes inverted the sword attack

talvaar uglii pa.Dnaa

ready to fight always

talvaar kaarii pa.Dnaa

(of sword) cutting perfectly, smashing, knockdown

talvaar ke zor se

talvaar me.n chhaale pa.Dnaa

talvaar Gilaaf se lenaa

niyaam se talvaar khe.nchnaa

miyaan se talvaar khii.nchnaa

draw or unsheathe sword

maa.n rove talvaar ke ghaav se , baap rove tiir ke ghaav se

teG kaa ghaaT

pe.nj kaa ghaaT

khule ghaaT kaa zevar

talvaar kaa qabza

ghaaT-ghaaT kaa paanii piinaa

talvaar miyaan se niklii pa.Dtii hai

talvaar kaa mu.nh

talvaar kaa vaar

talvaar kaa ghaav

sword cut

talvaar kaa dhanii

good swordsman, warrior, brave

talvaar se paanii judaa nahii.n hotaa

talvaar miyaan se nikaalnaa

niyaam se talvaar niklnaa

niyaam se talvaar lenaa

niyaam se talvaar nikaalnaa

talvaar niyaam se nikalnaa

talvaar miyaan se lenaa

get ready by hitting the sword

maare sipaahii naam talvaar kaa, kaaTe talvaar naam baa.Dh kaa

baa.Dh kaaTe naam talvaar kaa

subordinate works and the administrant earns name, God heals and the doctor takes the fee

ghaaT kaa patthar

dhobii kaa gadhaa ghar kaa na ghaaT kaa

talvaar se KHuun Tapaknaa

talvaar kaa sabza

talvaar kaa dandaana

talvaar kaa qabza chuumnaa

kissing the sword in honor, before wielding a sword, preparing to strike with the sword

talvaar kaa paTThaa

wide part of sword's edge, sword's wide edge

talvaar kaa chhaalaa

baa.D kaaTe naam talvaar kaa

The soldier fights and the general gains.

ghaaT ghaaT kaa paanii piye hu.e honaa

have wide experience, to be worldly-wise

talvaar haath se rakhnaa

talvaar kaa mii.nh barsaanaa

talvaar kaa mii.nh barasnaa

dhobii kaa kuttaa ghar kaa na ghaaT kaa

a good-for-nothing person, someone driven out from everywhere

mai.n ne ghaaT ghaaT kaa paanii piyaa hai

talvaar kaa aarii ban.naa

talvaar kaa paanii denaa

apnii ghaat kaa

talvaar kaa zeb-e-kamar karnaa

to prepare to kill

lachchhan se jha.D pa.Dnaa

Meaning ofSee meaning talvaar kaa ghaaT se pa.Dnaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

talvaar kaa ghaaT se pa.Dnaa

तलवार का घाट से पड़नाتَلْوار کا گھاٹ سے پَڑْنا

Origin: Hindi


English meaning of talvaar kaa ghaaT se pa.Dnaa


  • the sword from where it begins to turn
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तलवार का घाट से पड़ना के हिंदी अर्थ


  • तलवार का उस जगह से पड़ना जहां से मुड़ना शुरू होता है

تَلْوار کا گھاٹ سے پَڑْنا کے اردو معانی


  • تلوار کا اس جگہ سے پڑنا جہاں سے خم شروع ہوتا ہے

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talvaar kaa ghaaT se pa.Dnaa

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