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tijaaratii 'adaalat

the court who states the judgment on commercial disputes

tijaaratii idaara

business or commercial firm or company


(geography) trade winds or easterlies are the permanent east-to-west prevailing winds that flow in the Earth's equatorial region


mercantile, commercial, business

tijaaratii khaataa

trade account, an account holding cash and securities, and is administered by an investment dealer

tijaaratii khaata

trade account, an account holding cash and securities, and is administered by an investment dealer

tijaaratii KHutuut par

on business lines

be.Daa chho.Dnaa

be.Daa cha.Dhaanaa

ba.De se ba.Daa

largest possible

jitnaa ba.Daa mu.nh utn ba.Daa nivaalaa

ba.Daa ku.nvaar

be.Daa baa.ndhnaa

assemble crowd

ko.ii tolo.n ba.Daa ko.ii muulo.n ba.Daa

ba.Daa kufr to.Dnaa

ba.Daa taqdiir vaalaa

ba.Daa nivaala khaa.e ba.Daa bol na bole

ba.Dii bahuu ba.Daa bhaag

Duuban be.Daa pa.Dnaa

to prove a sinking ship,' to prove injurious or baneful, to fall into a damning sin

ba.Daa raasta paka.Dnaa

ba.Daa rasta paka.Dnaa

ba.De shahr kaa ba.Daa chaa.nd

the big the head, the bigger the headache, everything is large in a big city


sar ba.Daa sardaar kaa pai.D ba.Daa ga.nvaar kaa

ba.Daa gosht


ba.Daa laa.e

be.Daa Garq karnaa

botch a job, destroy, wreck

ba.Daa baa.nTne vaalaa

taqdiir kaa badaa

the evil of destiny

ba.Daa bol na bole ba.Daa luqma na khaa.e

ba.Daa shahda hai

be.Daa Garq ho

be.Daa Garq honaa

be destroyed

'azaab ba.Daa honaa

ba.Daa a.ndheraa hai

ka.Dve niim se ba.Daa

naam ba.Daa darshan tho.De

baD.aa din

Christmas long day

chhoTaa mu.nh, ba.Daa nivaala


a small spicy cake made of ground pulse, fried in oil and soaked in yoghurt

muu.nh ba.Daa honaa

kabhii raat ba.Dii kabhii din ba.Daa

mu.nh ba.Daa honaa

ba.Daa mu.nh chaahiye

remark in response to someone making big claims

ba.Daa bichchhuu hai


jitnaa ba.Daa utnaa ka.Daa

the larger is harder than the smaller

ba.Daa mu.nh zor honaa

ba.Daa afsar

senior or superior officer, head of a department

chhoTaa ba.Daa

high and low

be.Daa chhuuTnaa

ba.Daa dil karnaa

show largeness of heart, show magnanimity

ba.Daa kar denaa

lashkar kaa be.Daa

jiiv ba.Daa karnaa

bidaa denaa

ba.Daa dil gurda hai

qismat me.n badaa honaa

KHvaaja KHizr be.Daa paar

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तिजारती-बेड़ाتِجارَتی بیڑَہ

तिजारती-बेड़ा के हिंदी अर्थ

संज्ञा, पुल्लिंग

  • व्यापार के पानी के जहाज़ जिनके द्वारा विदेशों से व्यापार किया जाए

تِجارَتی بیڑَہ کے اردو معانی

اسم, مذکر

  • تجارت کے بحری جہاز جن کے ذریعے بیرونی ممالک سے تجارت کی جائے.

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