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vuzuu to.Dnaa

do something necessitating renewal of ablutions

guuz par guuz, vuzuu par vuzuu

vuzuu baa.ndhnaa

vuzuu saaznaa

vuzuu farmaanaa



vuzuu saaz karnaa

vuzuu taaza karnaa

perform fresh ablutions

vuzuu shikast kar denaa

to injure one's confidence

vuzuu karaanaa

vuzuu TuuTnaa

the purity or efficacy of one's devotions to be destroyed

vuzuu banaanaa

vuzuu karnaa

Perform your ablution, according to religious custom washing face, hand and feet to offering prayer

vuzuu shikast honaa

for one's confidence to be injured

vuzuu honaa

vuzuu aanaa



abluted, cleansed, purified


daaman nicho.D de.n to farishte vuzuu kare.n

(a famous line from Urdu poetry) (he/she) is very pious and chaste

vuzuu Dhiilaa karnaa

vuzuu TuuT gayaa

the purity or efficacy of one's devotions to be destroyed

vuzuu Dhiile karnaa

vuzuu TuuT jaanaa

the purity or efficacy of one's devotions to be destroyed

vuzuu kaa paanii

water used in ablutions to purify oneself before prayer


water for ablution to.Dnaa

vuzuu Dhiile honaa

to turn against somebody

vuzuu jaataa rahnaa

breaking one's ablutions

kivaa.D to.Dnaa

to pry the door open, to break the door open

ba.Diyaa.n to.Dnaa

daa.Dii to.Dnaa

dha.D to.Dnaa

vuzuu ThanDe karnaa

vuzuu ThanDaa karnaa

to turn against somebody


without ablution

vaz' to.Dnaa

darvaaza to.Dnaa

chha.Dii to.Dnaa

give severe punishment

vuzuu se honaa

to be pure, to have performed ablutions

chuu.Daa to.Dnaa

nakto.De to.Dnaa

to sneer (at), to cast (an obligation) in the teeth (of)

ga.Dhii to.Dnaa

jab.Daa to.Dnaa

to.Dnaa ma.Do.Dnaa

to considerably alter something, to adulterate, mix

ro.Dii to.Dnaa

to.Dnaa jo.Dnaa

plus-minus, constant changes, additions and subtractions

Tuk.Daa to.Dnaa

depend upon, live on

aa.D to.Dnaa

uncover, remove purdah

Tuk.De to.Dnaa

live on free food

go.De to.Dnaa

pe.Daa to.Dnaa

making small balls out of floor

chuu.Dii to.Dnaa

ga.Dh to.Dnaa

phaa.D to.Dnaa

pahaa.D to.Dnaa

vuzuu ThanDaa honaa

lose one's enthusiasm

vuzuu ThanDe honaa

qaa'ida to.Dnaa

vaa'da to.Dnaa

Meaning ofSee meaning vuzuu to.Dnaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

vuzuu to.Dnaa

वुज़ू तोड़नाوُضُو توڑنا


Root word: vuzuu

English meaning of vuzuu to.Dnaa

Compound Verb

  • do something necessitating renewal of ablutions
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वुज़ू तोड़ना के हिंदी अर्थ

यौगिक क्रिया

  • ज़ुहद-ओ-तक़वा क़ायम ना रहने देना
  • ۔۱۔ वुज़ू नापाक करना २। ज़ुहद वतक़वा क़ायम ना रहने देना। ज़क देना।
  • वुज़ू टूटना (रुक) का मुतअद्दी , कोई ऐसा फे़अल करना जिस से शरण वुज़ू क़ायम नहीं रहता

وُضُو توڑنا کے اردو معانی

فعل مرکب

  • زہد و تقویٰ قائم نہ رہنے دینا ۔
  • وضو ٹوٹنا (رک) کا متعدی ؛ کوئی ایسا فعل کرنا جس سے شرعاً وضو قائم نہیں رہتا
  • ۔۱۔ وضو ناپاک کرنا ۲۔ زہد وتقویٰ قائم نہ رہنے دینا۔ زک دینا۔؎

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vuzuu to.Dnaa

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